Am I an Artist (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

You were born to be an artist. You're aware of it. You can feel it, even if you have moments when you wonder if you weren't “meant to be an artist.” Let me tell you a story. You will always have the potential to be an artist if you were born an artist. It is up to you to recognize and nurture those qualities within yourself throughout your life. So, how do you know if you were born to be an artist? Here are seven signs that you were born to express yourself.

1.You enjoy the beginning just as much as the end

Do you know what our society prioritizes? Results. We want to know the Return on Investment, the big prize, the conclusion that confirms we did a good job. However, by focusing on the end result, you completely miss the true reward of the journey—and, even more importantly, the messiness of the beginning. A natural born artist is drawn to the beginning (and more often than not, struggles to get to the end). Artists enjoy embarking on new projects, exploring the unknown, and taking as much pleasure in approaching a blank canvas as they do in looking back at the finished product. In reality, there is no “end” for artists. A completed painting, song, or sculpture is simply another stepping stone along the way.

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2. You enjoy appreciating other people's art but are hesitant to share your own

The true mark of an artist is this: you enjoy appreciating the work of others but are hesitant to show your own. It's a characteristic shared by those who put their heart and soul into everything they do. A natural born artist feels compelled to connect with other people who share their interests and thoroughly enjoys hearing about other people's processes and ideas because it fuels their own. But when it comes time to share yours with the rest of the group—gasp! You become paralyzed. Take this as a nod of approval. If you're afraid, nervous, or hesitant to show what you've created, it's because it came from the heart. That's great news.

3. You Are Sensitive To Your Environment

You can feel what's going on in your skin and bones wherever you go. People's joy, pain, fears, and excitement are all palpable. When you're in a large group, you can sense how everyone is interacting with one another. When you're alone, you're very aware of your own emotions. You enjoy spending one-on-one time with people because it allows you to share an intimate connection. You are sensitive in all of these ways and more, and it is this sensitivity that fuels your art. Whatever you're feeling, you can channel it into whatever you're making.

4. You are both your biggest fan and your harshest critic

Because they love their work, natural born artists are frequently chastised for being overly confident, cocky, and even narcissistic. They believe in what they are creating and are eager to share it with the world (even if they are slightly fearful, as mentioned in #2). However, along with that element of self-assurance, there is also a high level of doubt and forceful criticism. You're constantly plagued by feelings of inadequacy, wondering if what you're creating is “good enough,” and you've convinced yourself time and again that it's time to give up…

5. You Are Constantly Returning To Your Craft

Building A true sign of a natural born artist is someone who, no matter how hard they try or how many times they are told to quit, can't. As an artist, you know deep down that no matter if you become a multi-million dollar mainstream success or a creative soul known only to your closest family and friends, you will always return to your craft. You pick up the brush again, write another song, tell another story—and no matter how long it has been, it always feels like home. You recall why you fell in love with your art in the first place.

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6. You keep a notebook after a notebook full of ideas

The notebook is an obvious sign of a natural born artist. You have dozens of them all over your apartment, in your parent's bedroom, and always one in your backpack. This is where you scribble down ideas for short stories, inventions you wish someone would invent, lists of songs you love, places you want to visit, and long rants against the barista who didn't get your order right and the government for making you pay taxes. Your notebook is your safe haven, and it's filled with all the scribbles of your unfinished artwork.

7. You are more concerned with personal expression than with acquiring money or belongings

Everyone aspires to be “successful” in their own way, and for a natural born artist, that means having your voice heard by the rest of the world. You'd rather be poor and do what you love than wealthy and work in a soul-sucking cubicle every day. You're less concerned with brand new clothes and more concerned with brand new paint brushes or guitar strings. You put your money into your art. You make an investment in yourself. You can practice in front of an audience at coffee shops and art galleries, and having someone give you feedback on what you've created is more valuable to you than any paycheck (although you still have to eat, so you like that too). The point is that you understand your purpose, which is to share who you are through your creativity.

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