Am I Selfish (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

“If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, help someone else.” – Proverb from China.

If you Google selfishness, the majority of results will tell you that you must be selfish in order to look after yourself and succeed in life. You are ensuring that you are a benefit to society rather than a burden. It is a type of natural selfishness that is linked to our survival. It must take precedence over assisting others. You might think it's pretty innocuous…

Then there are entries on what is known as ‘bad selfishness,' in which people exploit others and commit criminal acts in order to gain money or power through deception, dishonesty, or violence. You might shudder if you see how bad it is…

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I've given two rather extreme examples above, but have you considered more subtle ways in which you may have been selfish without realizing it? Here are ten examples of how selfish people act without even realizing it.

“Even six-year-olds yelling, ‘You're selfish!' have agendas.” Rick Gaber's

1. They are unaware of a relationship's imbalance

Any healthy relationship must be nearly perfect in terms of balance. This applies to both personal and professional relationships. If people are only interested in taking and giving nothing in return, they are selfish and will be surprised when this is pointed out to them. When your coworker has been selfish in demanding help and giving nothing in return, that can be difficult to bring up in the workplace. This could include never offering advice, support, or doing actual hard work. This can have a negative impact on employee morale.

2. They give their children unusual names at baptism

Whatever the reason, these parents are adamant about going for something trendy or completely unique. This is selfishness because they are not putting their children first: children who will be teased at school and subjected to endless corrections of their name's pronunciation or spelling, not to mention all the incorrect variations that will circulate. It exemplifies selfish self-absorption, with little consideration given to how the child will cope. Studies have yielded conflicting results as to whether the unusual name is a handicap or not. A classic is the girl named Sue Yoo who went on to become a lawyer!

3. They are harassed

“It's healthy to be selfish. But not so self-absorbed that you never listen to others.” Hugh Hefner is a well-known actor.

When nagging is a prominent feature of a relationship, it can only mean that the nagged partner is completely unconcerned about the needs of the other partner. This can include anything from not cleaning up to being forgetful. It also implies that the guilty partner disregards their partner's wishes. The nagging partner could be obsessed, and this could be another aspect of selfishness because they are selfishly giving far too much attention to their obsessions and manias!

4. They make no effort to provide negative feedback

Negative feedback, whether from a partner, child, or coworker, is often glossed over or not given at all. It may appear to be a charitable act because you are not hurting the person's feelings or undermining their confidence, but it is an act of selfishness because you are passing up an opportunity to help the person improve and do better. In many cases, being nice is a shortcut to popularity. If you fail in your duty, it may come back to haunt you in the long run.

5. They are control freaks, to put it mildly

People in management can be control freaks at times. Their motto appears to be, “Do it yourself if you want it done right.” Control freaks are typically perfectionists who believe they are the only capable individuals in a company or family. The odd thing is that they believe they are benevolently keeping an eye on things and are genuinely helpful and concerned. The reality is that their behavior is self-centered to the point of suffocating initiative, discouraging creativity, and even delegating tasks.

6. They are deceptive

The negative side effect of being a control freak. They are so afraid of losing their position of authority that they resort to nefarious tactics. A classic case in point is when they refuse to consider a compromise. This implies a loss of power. They use their persuasion skills to persuade the boss to support them. Then they will employ techniques such as being perfectly charming while attempting to gather information about colleagues, and then subtly accuse or discredit them. Many other examples of selfish behavior can be found in Dr. Mary Casey's book, How to Deal With Master Manipulators.

7. They are the only people on Earth

How many times have we complained about people blocking doorways, smoking when it is prohibited, talking loudly on the phone, or driving selfishly? These selfish acts occur frequently and are obvious manifestations of people believing they are the only people on the planet.

Other, more subtle examples may exist that we are unaware of. What about people who are engrossed with their iPhone and block the aisle on a plane, train, or shopping cart? Others become irritated when they do not receive an immediate response to their email. These selfish actions make life more difficult for everyone else.

8. They never clean up after their dog

When I was in Scotland last year, there were prominent signs that read, “Your dog, your mess, your £40 fine.” When you see someone ‘forgetting' to clean up, ask them to take their dog's mess home with them. After all, it is their property! Civic duty is still woefully lacking in many areas, and selfishness abounds.

9. They despise working in groups

People who are self-centered are unwilling to share, give, or brainstorm. They want to work alone because they are in a competitive environment, but if they are not careful, their selfishness will work against them. Because she was secretive and selfish, an ex-colleague kept a lot of information to herself. We could all see why she didn't get the promotion she desired.

One of my first bosses kept all of his teacher training materials at home. Because no one else had access to them, we had to invent the wheel when conducting our own training sessions. I've never despised a boss so much! Giving and sharing are uncommon words in the vocabulary of the selfish.

10. They rarely work together

It's all about the ego. They know what they want and are always at the forefront of ensuring that they get it. When they encounter an impediment, they become defiant or refuse to collaborate. Furthermore, their refusal to give an inch is merely a manifestation of classic selfishness. After all, why should they bother going out of their way to find out how people are feeling, what their ideas, hopes, and dreams are?

“I am grateful for all the difficult people in my life because they have shown me who I do not want to be.” – Not known

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