Am I Slow (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Have you been called a “slowpoke,” a “sloth,” or simply “slow”? Have you ever been told to “speed up,” “hurry up,” “think quickly,” or “spit it out?” This article is for you if you have! You're slow, but you're good at it, and you're probably better off for it! This is a fast-paced world, but you know that the quickest route isn't always the best route. Here are 15 excellent reasons why you might be “slow.”

1.  You Ensure That Everything Is Correct

My first job at Burger King taught me within 10 minutes that I would never be a good drive-thru “pusher.” I was simply too slow! I was aware of how upset people became when their order was incorrect, and I believe I spent three minutes bobbing my head up and down between the food in the carry-out bag and the overhead order screen. Management quickly returned me to the front cashier. Slow people have a methodical approach to life.

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2. You want everything to be flawless

Slow people can be perfectionists as well. This means that the results may take a long time to arrive, but they will be fantastic when they do! The person who completes tests last is frequently the person who carefully checks answers. I was one of those students who spent hours each night on homework but received straight A's throughout my academic career.

3. You're Waiting for the Perfect Moment

You are more likely to procrastinate if you are slow, methodical, and a perfectionist. You know you're not a slacker; you have good intentions; you're just concerned that your project will take a long time. In fact, this article has passed its deadline! The best thing for you slow, perfectionistic, procrastinators like me is to break those projects down into manageable chunks and then schedule them in throughout the week, reworking your timing as necessary. You can put your perfectionism to good use if you manage your time well!

4. You've Entered “the Zone”

Do people complain about your correspondence speed? This could be due to your dislike of responding to e-mails, phone calls, and texts! I frequently find myself in a flow during the day, and responding to a “very important” phone call or e-mail can throw a wrench in my productivity machine. When I can sit down and respond to all of my e-mails at once, I feel much more at ease.

5. You Give Your Complete Concentration

I also prefer to focus on one project at a time, which I've discovered is actually better for you! According to studies, in order to multitask, you must split your brain activity, which means less focus and less efficiency! Keep that in mind for your next job interview! Finally, I'm hesitant to answer the phone if I know I won't be fully present. This makes us an unsuitable emergency contact, but it makes us the ideal person for a heart-to-heart conversation. When we converse with others, they understand that we have time for them and are not checking our e-mail.

6. You Pick Your Words Wisely

Unfortunately, those who can spit out quick responses get noticed, while those with well-developed responses get the short end of the stick! Introverts, in particular, take their time processing information. They put their ideas through a complex system of tests and tweaks before deciding to share their response. As a result, others frequently believe they have nothing to say! If you are one of those big analyzers, be sure to say, “Let me think on that for a minute,” so others know you are still thinking about your response. Remember to strike a healthy balance. Rapid-firers may regret speaking before thinking, but deep thinkers may overthink.

7. You are more introspective

You not only spend a lot of time analyzing, but you may also go quite deep with your thinking. You prefer deep thought to small talk, and you have so much knowledge and learning to consider! Deep thinkers aren't always the life of the party, but if you ask the right questions, you might just open Pandora's box!

8. You are an excellent listener

Or perhaps you're not deep in thought. Maybe you're paying attention! Many people are poor listeners because they are too preoccupied with what they will say next to give their full attention to the person speaking. Good listeners keep their minds still and do not respond until the other person has finished speaking. These are the people you want to talk to because you know they will listen to everything you have to say.

9. You think about all of your options

Some may label you as indecisive, but how about open-minded? I'm sometimes the last person to place an order because I refuse to accept “the usual.” I'm brave enough to try something new, but I'm also conscientious enough to carefully read the menu and make the best decision I can.

10. You're a Creative Person

When it was time to go out and I was late, I would tell my partner that I was having a “girl moment.” To be honest, I was channeling my inner artist! I'd play around with make-up, adding a little of this and taking a little of that, inspecting my face from every angle in the mirror. And I'd change my entire outfit 5 or 6 times because I couldn't find a top to match the bottom. Then it was all about the accessories, accessories, accessories! Isn't it also the reason we spend so much time trying on clothes? We know what looks good, and we're not going to stop looking until we find it!

11. You Like Your Food

Do you consider yourself a “slow eater”? Congratulations! This is far more beneficial to your health. As a classroom teacher, I usually had 10-15 minutes to shovel food down by the time I got to lunch after wrapping up for the day. During a visit to my chiropractor, I inquired about my bloating problems, and I was astounded by his simple response: “Chew your food more slowly.” My condition improved immediately after I changed my eating habits! Slow-eaters are more likely to enjoy their food because they allow your stomach to digest it more thoroughly. You'll have more time to smell and taste it. Slow eating is also encouraged to help prevent overeating. If I'm craving a cookie and eat it, my body misses the satisfying taste and smell, and I'm more likely to eat another one. Slowing down your eating allows your stomach to catch up to your eyes! Slower eaters are more likely to recognize when their stomachs are full and to stop eating when they are full.

12. You Want to Fully Understand Something

How much do you recall about the exams you crammed for? How much did you actually gain from skimming the article? When I read a book slowly, I enjoy it much more. When I rewind parts of a movie that I missed, I get a lot more out of it. Slowing down allows you to gain a better understanding.

13. You're Concerned

Which gifts do you value and remember the most — the ones that took two seconds to buy or the ones that took careful consideration and a lot of effort? Some people will go on a treasure hunt until they find the ideal gift. Others make them, investing their valuable time and love into their creations. My father's Christmas present to me this year was a beautiful miniature stained glass window of lighthouses (my favorite image), which he had created himself. That will undoubtedly remain in my window for the rest of my life.

14. You are in the Present Moment

Do people complain that you move too slowly when you walk, run, ride, or drive? You are more likely to be relaxed and in the moment, in addition to being a safer person! Consider those “Sunday drivers” who irritate you — or perhaps you are one of them! What's the deal with their slow driving? They are at ease. They are not in a hurry to get to work or to an appointment. They are spending the day with family and friends, in peace, doing what they enjoy. Isn't that a wonderful place to be?

15. You like the view

Do you recall the flowers you saw while taking a brisk walk through the park? Do you ever photograph the birds that fly overhead? I've discovered that I don't remember much of what I did when I was rushing from place to place, and I don't see much of the trail when I'm biking for speed. My mother is notorious for being late for nature walks because she stops every few feet to take pictures! She claims that taking photographs has introduced her to a whole new world. She notices things she would not have noticed before.

16. You Desire to Be Safe

There's nothing wrong with taking your time and allowing yourself enough time to get where you're going. If I arrive early, I'd rather be safe and read a book for a while. So what if people honk behind you or pass you on the left and right? I'm sure you have a good driving record and are less likely to be found in a ditch on bad weather days!

17. You are well worth the wait

So what if you're the last one to arrive, the last one to speak, or the last one to leave? You are deserving! You take your time, do it correctly, and it comes out well. You're a happier, more relaxed person, a good listener, a reliable employee, and you look great!

So, the next time someone says you're slow, consider it a compliment! Know that by slowing down, you are taking in the scenery and keeping your life from flying by.

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