Anger Friend (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Anger receives a lot of negative attention. We send executives to Anger Management classes, and we talk about Road Rage and Bullying. However, when expressed clearly, anger can be a powerful ally

For starters, anger provides you with the energy to confront a threat. Angry people “aren't going to take it anymore,” they're going to do something to right a wrong, stop an injustice, or defend themselves against an attacker, and these people are fired up! That is significant because threats can be frightening and, well, threatening, and having the energy that anger provides allows us to confront them. Without that rage and energy, you can sit and think and think and think about why you're not doing anything, and nothing will change. People who are angry do not remain passive for long.

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Second, Anger assists you in establishing boundaries. When you are angry, you know that someone or something has just violated your sense of boundaries, your sense of what is right and wrong, and you feel compelled to act. Now, anger can be very consuming in the moment, but it can also help you in the moment to ask yourself, before you run off half-cocked and do something you may regret, “what just happened to violate my boundaries?” What should I do to address this?” You now have a better understanding of the problem and the solution, as well as, as previously stated, the energy to step forward and act, even when there is risk.

Finally, Anger allows you to demonstrate to others that you are serious. Clean Anger, as opposed to blind rage (Anger's troublesome twin brother), demonstrates your willingness to confront the threat, enter into conflict, and remain present, even if you get cut and bruised in the process, and to do whatever it takes to win. Anger can be frightening, and many people will retreat when confronted with it.

The trick with Anger, of course, is to 1> channel your rage into a worthwhile goal that serves a higher purpose for your values, community, and family. Scaring people in order to get what you want is a form of playground bullying. 2> Maintain control of yourself so that you can keep your eye on the goal and move purposefully toward it, and so that you don't find yourself enjoying conflict for the sake of conflict and causing unnecessary damage. Perhaps we can put it this way: Anger is a great Servant, but a terrible Master.

So, Anger provides you with the energy to confront a threat, assists you in setting boundaries, and demonstrates your seriousness to others. That is a friend worth having, or perhaps a trusted bodyguard. In either case, you want someone like that on your side.

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