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It's an incredible irony that straight-A students are automatically more successful than B-average students. There are numerous stories in today's media about people who dropped out of high school or college to become world-renowned entrepreneurs.

To be clear, these students dropped out not because they couldn't hack it, but because they saw no point in getting a 4.0 while taking electives they didn't care about. They decided to forge their own paths. Most “B” students are actually “A” students who have chosen to focus on other aspects of their lives while keeping their grades as high as possible.

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Disclimer: This is not a slam against A students; everyone learns and works in their own unique way. Continue doing what you're doing!

1. They do not waste time on frivolous research

B students despise doing homework or studying for tests. Nobody really does, but B students don't see the need to prioritize it. They complete the work and learn enough to pass the tests, but they also spend time outside of the library. Because they have a project due later in the week, B students rarely turn down opportunities to go on adventures or do something fun. They recognize that an impromptu adventure will benefit them more in the long run than memorizing dates from a history book.

2. They are preoccupied with other things

B students are generally very bright. They simply do not feel compelled to learn only what their teachers instruct them to learn. When they discover something that piques their interest, they will devote their entire attention to it. They do not, once again, completely avoid their responsibilities. They'll learn enough about a topic to pass with a passing grade. They were busy designing a new computer program or learning to shred like Jimi Hendrix while they were getting that B-minus in chemistry. You can't give that a grade.

3. They pursue their interests

They don't let school get in the way of their passions, even though they have other interests. Many A students graduate with no idea what they want to do because they spent four years trying to please their parents and teachers. B students, on the other hand, graduate high school with a sigh of relief, knowing that they will soon be able to attend school for something they are interested in. When B students are finally able to enjoy their studies, something amazing happens: they become A students.

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4. They are less tense

B students do not always need to be the best or get the highest grades. Yes, if they fail a test, they still freak out. However, they do not set unrealistic goals for themselves and are frequently pleased with the results. Even when they are following their passion, they do not lose their minds when they do not get something right the first time; they simply practice harder the next time.

5. They multitask

Students may isolate themselves for long periods of time in order to study. B students, on the other hand, study in between reading the news, checking on other projects, and generally keeping up with what they are interested in. I'm not saying it's a good idea to have your phone out when you should be concentrating on a task, but in most modern jobs, you may have to juggle five different priorities at once. Being able to wear multiple hats is essential, and B students have been practicing for years.

6. They are “Jacks of all trades

Although many B students have interests and priorities outside of school, many do not know what those interests are. As a result, they become involved in a variety of activities, testing the waters to see which ones they prefer. As a result, they frequently learn enough to become much more than beginners in a variety of practices.

I'm not the best guitarist in the world, but for a small hobby, I'm pretty darn good. The same goes for chess, fishing, writing, interpreting literature and poetry, and so on. My wife, who is in her final year of optometry school, tells me that many of the people she's met throughout her education are absolute master optometrists, but don't know half as much as I do about everything else in the world. I may not be a master at anything, but I am certainly well-rounded enough to find work in a variety of fields.

7. They are business owners

B students frequently think outside the box because they tend to follow their passion rather than simply regurgitate what their teacher wants them to say. They notice something that can be improved and work to make it so. The practical, critical thinker is usually the one who isn't afraid to go against the grain a little. While A students are more likely to toe the line, B students are more likely to question why there is a line in the first place. They view the world analytically and question policies and procedures with which they disagree. While A students keep the world turning, B students want to change it.

8. They are easy to relate to

My mother teaches high school English, and she has had the pleasure of having a true genius in her class this year. She enjoys it as a teacher because she sees tremendous potential in the young man. The other students, on the other hand, groan whenever he raises his hand, which is most likely due to the fact that they don't know what he's talking about half of the time. He's just on a different level.

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Again, this isn't a dig at him; being extremely intelligent isn't a bad thing. However, there is something to be said for those who can take complex ideas and simplify them so that “us normal people” can understand them. Being well-rounded and well-educated, while also maintaining a sense of “being real,” will get B students much further than good grades.

9. They are realistic

B students are realistic about their goals, achievements, and abilities. They set attainable goals and continue to set new ones once the previous ones have been met. B students are prone to exaggerating their achievements.

This could be because they are aware that they could have accomplished more with a little more focus, or because they do not place a high value on extrinsic rewards. B students are aware that there are some things they simply aren't good at, and they accept this. By removing the desire to be the best at everything, they frequently excel at what they want to excel at.

10. They are self-contained

B students are not defined by a grade assigned by a teacher who is an expert in that subject. What it means to them defines their accomplishments and worth. The experience is more important than the grade.

Many A students may go through high school without actually understanding anything, simply regurgitating notes given to them by their teachers. However, B students may be able to perform above average most of the time and earn A's when they truly understand a topic and put their all into it. But, once again, the satisfaction comes from knowing the job was done well, not from receiving a higher grade.

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