Be a Doer (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Doers are highly valued in groups and organizations. When problems arise, they are the go-to guys and girls. Find out if you have the ten signs of a doer and how to become a better one.

1. You begin work with specific goals in mind

Good doers do not jump into a project without first thinking it through. They keep their enthusiasm in check long enough to set goals and devise a strategy for success in whatever they set out to do. Doers who think and plan ahead of time are more likely to succeed.

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2. You keep track of your own productivity

Good doers know how to measure and enjoy their own productivity. Most have their own internal “scoring” system. Following their own progress creates a challenging working environment that motivates them to work harder. Good doers discover and employ tools to help them measure their productivity (such as Toggl and RescueTime).

3. You enjoy being busy but prefer to see results

Good doers enjoy the “busy” feeling, but they don't let it cloud their judgment. They must see tangible results that demonstrate that work has been completed. They use timelines to track progress to ensure that their efforts are not wasted.

4. You understand the importance of balancing quality and quantity

Despite their eagerness to do more, good doers do not sacrifice quality. Though they thrive on increased productivity as measured by numbers, they also make it a point to set quality standards. When working on a project, they conduct regular self-evaluations or seek feedback from a trusted source.

5. You are in charge of your own motivation

Self-motivation is a characteristic of good doers. They are looking forward to putting in the effort and raising their internal “score.” They take advantage of this wonderful trait by setting increasingly difficult goals with each project completion. They are also self-aware enough to use tools to help them achieve their objectives.

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6. You enjoy being in the company of other hardworking people

Good doers prefer to collaborate with other good doers, especially if their goals are similar. They understand that working together provides the best opportunity to compete and cooperate without anyone feeling defeated. They find, or better yet, create, a supportive community of people who share their goals, such as GoalChiever.

7. You offer to help

Volunteers who are good at what they do are “naturals.” They enjoy taking part in activities that require actual work, even if it is unpaid. And, while volunteering is wonderful, good doers make time for themselves as well. They plan their volunteer work so that they do not overwork themselves.

8. You have an extroverted personality

Most good doers are extroverts, especially when the work requires constant interaction with a large number of people. They have an almost endless supply of energy that inspires others.

This is not to say that introverts aren't doers. In fact, when it comes to doing solitary work, introverts are unrivaled (and play). This means that employers should not be so quick to pass judgment on quiet employees!

9. You teach by example

Good doers prefer to teach by, you guessed it, doing. They prefer to demonstrate rather than explain, and they frequently encourage their students or mentees to learn by doing.

Because this isn't always a good thing, good teachers encourage their students to ask questions. They take the time to respond and provide feedback.

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10. You recognize the significance of recognizing and celebrating accomplishments

Good doers know when to call it a day. They set aside time on a regular basis to celebrate their accomplishments and progress, as well as to rest and recharge their bodies.

Doers are prone to wanting to move on to the next challenge as soon as they finish the previous one. Good doers, on the other hand, make it a point to celebrate their accomplishments from the start.

While doers aren't perfect, there's no denying they have some wonderful traits that we could use more of. So, if you exhibit the characteristics of a doer, recognize and appreciate your strengths while working on your weaknesses. The world requires you to put your unique talents to use.

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