Beach Lifestyle (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

For most people, going to the beach is something they do on vacation or as a day trip. The idea of living there may appear to be a fantasy, but what is it really like for those who live nearby and can see it every day? Here are 18 things that only those who live near the beach can fully comprehend.

1. You understand that going to the beach isn't just for the summer

Wrapping up warm and walking on a deserted beach in the dead of winter is a uniquely energizing experience.

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2. You're always a little smug

After all, you get to live in a place that people want to visit all year.

3. You've discovered that most problems can be solved by sitting on the beach and gazing out at the water

Similarly, if you're looking for inspiration, dig your toes in the sand.

4. It bothers you when people leave trash on the beach

Why do they leave trash on your beach if you wouldn't leave it in their backyards?

5. When you live near the beach, there is always something to do

Even if it's just sitting on the beach, which is a perfectly valid way to spend time, as opposed to anywhere else where sitting and doing nothing is clearly a waste of time.

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6. You are aware that any food tastes better when consumed while sitting on the sand

Even better if it was made on the beach. You've mastered the art of preparing and eating food on the beach without ingesting gritty sand; this is a skill that even casual beachgoers admire.

7. You never get tired of the scenery

Especially beautiful are the sunsets. Also, the sunrises. And in the middle of the day.

8. You've come to terms with the fact that your house will never be completely sand-free, as will your car, clothes, hair, and pets

9. Just by looking at them, you can instantly categorize visitors into beach “types

This classification allows you to predict their behavior on the beach, which will provide you with hours of entertainment as you watch and nod knowingly.

10. You hope you never lose your childlike fascination with the beach

Finding and collecting beautiful shells, or discovering small sea creatures in small pools of water, is not just for children or infrequent visitors.

11. You are aware that there is no better sound in the world than the lapping of waves on the beach

And nothing beats the smell of salty sea air.

12. You're constantly conflicted about how you feel about tourists

You understand how important they are to the local economy, and you welcome their arrival, but you wish they could be less intrusive in your beach paradise. You try to be friendly and welcoming to them, but you wish they would be more considerate of their surroundings and the local residents when they come to visit.

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13. Your wardrobe is made up of 80% beachwear

In the summer, it's easy to forget that other types of clothing exist.

14. You respect the ocean's power

You've seen it at its calmest and roughest, and you understand the need to always respect it.

15. You become defensive if someone compares your beach negatively to other beaches

They have clearly misunderstood your beach, and the situation must be corrected as soon as possible.

16. You mistakenly believe you've seen everything

Regardless of how long you've lived near the beach and how many things you've seen there, every year when visitors arrive, you'll be surprised by what they do, wear, and say.

17. You can't understand anyone who says they don't enjoy going to the beach

They could just as easily claim that they dislike breathing.

You couldn't imagine living anywhere else. You may go away for a while, but you will return!

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