Being an Adult (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

As you progress through the stages of your life, you will invariably discover that things aren't always as they seem. As amazing as life can be, there are some harsh realities that you don't notice until they're right in front of you. Consider yourself forewarned about the ten facts you will have to face as a full-fledged adult.

1. You are not unbeatable

You may have fond memories of skateboarding and kickboxing from your youth, and you may enjoy showing off the scars you acquired along the way, but the older you get, the less your body will be able to recover from your youth's idiotic exuberances. You'll have to pick and choose your battles. Just because you can jump from the house's roof to the garage doesn't mean you should.

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2. Patience is a quality

We live in a world that breeds short attention spans and severely limits one's ability to be patient, but the more patient you are, the better the good things in life will be. Rushing towards the finish line or your next great step, whether it's money, relationships, or career goals, is a sure way to miss out on a lot of valuable lessons and cheapen the things to accomplish along the way. Take it easy.

3. You are solely responsible for your actions

A startling reality that many people must confront about growing up is that all of the little things you took for granted as a child require actual effort on your part. When a light bulb burns out, there will not be a replacement waiting in a kitchen drawer. You must go out and purchase light bulbs. The same holds true for food, medicine, and soap.

4. Your metabolism is slowing down

In addition to being less capable of healing itself, your body will become less efficient at converting food into energy and will store more as fat. Just because you made it through high school and college on the McDonald's value menu doesn't mean you'll be able to do so indefinitely. Learn how to prepare some nutritious meals. Run on a regular basis Your body will appreciate it.

5. You'll lose contact with people

You may have posed with your college roommates in front of someone's Macbook and applied the “BFF” effect, but that doesn't mean you'll be friends forever. You will lose contact with at least a few of the people you thought would be with you forever. Your true best friends will remain, but a surprising number of people will fade into obscurity.

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6. You will have to work for/with people you despise

Another great place to put what we learned about patience a few points ago to use is at work. People you don't like will find you no matter what you do or where you go. They will either have a terrible sense of humor or no sense of humor at all. They will be cruel, vengeful, and vindictive. Try not to let them spoil you for the rest of us.

7. Your preferences will shift

You will become someone who your high school self would have mercilessly mocked. It's one of the most subtle and surprising aspects of growing up, but eventually you'll find yourself watching a show about people buying a house and commenting with genuine interest on the material of the countertops and the level of curb appeal. It is preferable to simply accept this. It's more enjoyable than it sounds.

8. The world will not stop for you

Another harsh reality about the world is that it moves at breakneck speed. The march of progress requires that we all pull our weight, and if you can't shake the bad habits you picked up in school, there will be no one to make sure you stay in step.

9. You'll have less spare time

One of the great injustices of our world is that as teenagers, we have unlimited amounts of time to fill with epic adventures but no money to fund said adventures, and as adults, we have the money to do whatever we want but no time to do it. Seize the day whenever possible and avoid becoming a workaholic. Though the world will try to convince you otherwise, life is about relationships and experiences.

10. Things will become repetitive

Routine is one of the easiest traps to fall into as an adult. Obviously, knowing what is around the next corner is important and even enjoyable, but don't let your life become too routine. You will need to make a concerted effort to seek out new experiences and spice things up. It is difficult to overcome inertia, but it is well worth it when you do.

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