Being an Independent Woman (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Being a strong, independent girl is more difficult now than it used to be. Being considered strong and independent is a difficult task for many girls, especially in a world where more young people and graduates than ever before are being driven back into living with their families and into underemployment (if they can find work at all). However, the definition of what it is to be a strong, independent woman has shifted. Not every woman has her own apartment with a view of the city, a slew of daring lovers, or a high-powered job.

Strong, independent girls are not defined by their circumstances; whether they come from an Ivy League family or are the first in their family to attend college or graduate high school, a strong, independent girl can look for the best in her situation and work hard to improve it while maintaining her inner strength and ethical values. Are you stumped as to how to become one of these strong, independent women? Read on to find out what you should avoid in order to become one:

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1. They do not put their careers on the back burner

For starters, strong, independent women prioritize their careers above all else. Working hard is something that everyone should do, regardless of age, gender, or other factors, whether it's working an all-night shift at a fast food restaurant or putting in hours as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Strong, independent girls always work hard, look forward, and strive to advance their careers. The old adage “keep your standards as high as your heels” applies somewhat here, except that your standards, dreams, and aspirations should be as high as your work drive.

2. They do not fail to deal with their own problems

One of the most important things that strong, independent girls always do is deal with their own situations, whether they are good or bad. Speaking up for yourself is something that everyone should do, but strong, independent girls have no trouble making their voices heard and ensuring that any decision involving them directly is a reflection of their choices. Strong, independent girls deal with their own job concerns, roommate issues, and flat tires. It's not that relying on others is bad; however, knowing that you can handle the situation is powerful in and of itself.

3. They do not overreact to negative situations or errors

Strong, independent girls can let mistakes roll off their backs and learn from their mistakes. They don't scream or band together against a world that has bitten them in the a$$. If you're a strong, independent girl, you allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. You don't overreact to bad things that happen to you (although suitably horrific stuff warrants whatever response you like). You see these negative scenarios as a learning experience and a way to improve and become stronger. Strong independent girls do not whine or complain; they may mope for a short time before moving on to become better people.

4. They don't succumb to haters' bait

Haters appear to be everywhere these days — dating back to the early days of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, legions of these anonymous Internet users can often be found crawling at the bottom of message boards, spewing vitriol at every turn. Strong, independent girls are frequently the target of such attacks, but thankfully never succumb to them or give them the time or oxygen they need to survive. It goes without saying that no strong, independent girl is a troll in her own right. Trolling is harmful, abusive, and completely unacceptable. All it serves as is a symbol of a person's need to fill the void in their life with anger and resentment. Strong, independent girls never fall for haters' traps; they're usually too busy living the life they want to live to care or notice.

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5. They never stop learning

Strong, independent girls never stop learning or trying to improve their own understanding of the world or subjects. It's a sad thing when people lose interest in the world around them, or when they decide to stay stuck in their ways and refuse to learn or explore any new point of view, topic, or challenge themselves. Strong, independent girls are never deterred by someone who thinks their love of knitting, science, or Doctor Who is ‘weird,' or that their desire to learn about patterns, physics, or sonic screwdrivers is worthless. Strong, independent girls gravitate toward people whose viewpoints they value and never let anyone get in the way of their passions or education.

6. They do not act on the spur of the moment

Patience is a virtue that deserves to be praised. Every day, strong, independent girls exercise patience and restraint — they never act on the first wild impulse that comes their way. That way, they'd be making out with the random, bearded man in the club corner, blowing their savings on a bag they won't even like three weeks later, and doing other potentially dangerous, potentially really stupid things. Strong, independent women always take their time and think things through. They are always in control of their lives – or as much as they can be – and do the things that truly make them happy. They pay their rent and save the Birkin bag purchase for when they have enough money to make it a wild treat rather than a one-way trip to being homeless on the streets.

7. They are not swayed by the opinions of others

One of the most fundamental things a strong, independent girl does not do is allow others to influence her confidence and self-esteem. Your body is perfect the way it is, and the media's projections of perfection are harmful. Strong, independent girls do not allow themselves to be influenced. They hold their heads high, and they own themselves regardless of their shape, size, skin color, gender identity, or mode of self-expression. The characteristics that set them apart become their most valuable assets. No strong, independent woman ever feels bad about being herself.

8. They don't ignore their physical needs

Strong, independent girls never, ever ignore their physiological needs and health. The truth is that your body requires sleep, water, and food, as well as time to unwind and relax. Neglecting these isn't just stupid; it's reckless and silly, and it's not something a strong, independent girl would do. Strong, independent women get plenty of sleep; aside from being a biological necessity, it improves your mental health, concentration, healing factor, and skin appearance. These same girls drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and healthy, and they eat as much and as healthily as they want without worrying about calories. These girls unwind and relax, allowing their minds to recharge so that they can fight fit the next day. That's not so difficult, is it?

9. They do not have unreasonable expectations

Unrealistic expectations are one of the quickest ways to become dissatisfied. Fortunately, if you're a strong, independent girl, you won't have this problem because you keep your expectations in check and are realistically optimistic about the future and what it holds. There is a fine line between wishful thinking and believing that some improbable event or scenario will occur. Let's be honest: everyone has fantasized about winning the lottery and retiring to the South of France with a luxury villa and Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyong'o on speed dial. Strong, independent girls accept and enjoy these brief interludes but never allow them to have a lasting impact on their lives; they remain grounded and realistic while never letting their dreams and goals die.

10. They do not remain in toxic relationships

According to the law of attraction, strong, independent girls and guys should gravitate toward other strong, independent girls and guys. However, they occasionally find themselves in situations with people who are dissatisfied, petty, angry, or just generally toxic. If you can't work things out with your friends, it's time to cut the cord and let them go. Strong, independent girls never let another person's toxic actions affect them, whether it's a random coworker or a close friend, and they frequently allow the relationship to end. Staying in a toxic friendship or relationship is never a good idea, and it is something that strong, independent girls never do.

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11. They do not allow others to dictate their relationships

The majority of people are actively involved in, or interested in, having or maintaining a romantic relationship. Strong, self-sufficient women never allow others to dictate or control their romantic relationships. They date until they find someone worth their time, energy, and effort. These women will not entertain a partner who denigrates, disrespects, or tries to control every aspect of the relationship. They don't have enough time to deal with people who try to limit or control their lives in any way, shape, or form.

12. They maintain control over their lives

Finally, strong, self-sufficient girls never, ever give up control of their lives. Control, according to some philosophers, is an illusion created by humanity to keep us from freaking out and destroying society. It does, however, serve an important purpose, and knowing that you have control over your choices, decisions, and lifestyle gives you a huge boost in self-esteem and confidence. Self-control is one of life's most valuable virtues and assets. Being strong entails getting enough sleep so that you are not late for work. Being strong means avoiding incriminating Facebook photos where any potential employer could see them. Being independent entails treating yourself to a movie, drinks, or a delicious meal after work. Strong, independent girls carve out their own lives and paths, as they should.

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