Best Friends and Lovers (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Is it appropriate to be best friends with your partner?

Some argue that having someone other than your partner as your best friend is preferable. Such people may argue that a relationship with your partner is not the same as one with your best friend and that you should not put all of your eggs in one basket.

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While these people want a lover and a lifetime partner, and even profess to “love” their partners, it can be argued that they don't really “like” their partners, which (if true) indicates a problem in the relationship that should be investigated.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules in relationships about what is right and wrong. What is important is that something works for you. However, for the vast majority of people, dating and even marrying their best friend works perfectly.

It is, without a doubt, your best bet for finding true and lasting love. Here's why having your partner as your best friend is the best thing you can do.

1. In the relationship, you are more yourself

This is due to the fact that you are already close friends. You have no reason to be self-conscious or to behave inappropriately in the relationship. And being your true self in a relationship is critical for a healthy union.

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2. You are both aware of each other's flaws

As best friends, you are well aware of each other's flaws, insecurities, and dark sides. In fact, you've gotten to know each other so well that some heinous habits have become strangely endearing.

3. You are aware of each other's relationship histories to varying degrees

Because you have a shared history, it is unlikely that any major surprises will emerge from nowhere in your relationship.

4. Your disagreements and fights are less damaging

Every couple has disagreements and fights from time to time. When your partner is your best friend, however, actual fights and disagreements that could easily escalate into full-fledged wars often turn into playful fighting by the time they are over.

5. The process of adapting to your partner's preferences is much smoother

That's because you're already familiar with each other. You have a good idea of what your partner likes and dislikes, and you know what to expect from them. This means you're both prepared to deal with any problems that arise.

6. You can see each other in your true form

Best friends see past the public persona we present. They can see right through to our well-guarded inner selves. When your partner is your best friend, he or she recognizes you for who you truly are and accepts you for who you are. You've got each other down pat. So much so that you both know if you ever tried anything shady, you'd be able to catch each other red-handed.

7. You have a lot of inside jokes that no one else gets

The random laughing, singing, and dancing that goes on between you two is the stuff of envy and admiration. You've even created hilarious inside jokes and phrases that could be incriminating but aren't.

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8. You can dress in each other's clothes

It may seem strange for lovers to dress in each other's clothes, but when couples are best friends, strange is often the norm. When your partner is your best friend, hearing couples ask questions like, “Can I wear those sweatpants today?” is completely normal.

9. You don't have to call each other all the time to know you're thinking about each other

You can actually go a long time without speaking to each other and be perfectly fine. You don't worry about disappointing your partner because you know each other too well for such trivial concerns.

10. You and your friends watch movies and TV shows together

And if one of you watched one of them without the other, World War III would almost certainly break out in your home. But, to be honest, watching your favorite movies and television shows together is just so endearing and warming.

11. You can have fun, childlike activities together

You've already done some childish things as best friends, such as skipping instead of walking and licking the bowl of brownie batter. And you're not about to stop because you're so at ease with each other that embarrassment is no longer an issue.

12. You can be completely honest with one another

Best friends tell the truth to each other and trust each other more than anyone else. When your partner is your best friend, he can criticize you without you misinterpreting his intent. You can also tell him when you think he's being silly, and he won't mind.

13. You are not concerned that your partner will say or do something stupid in front of your family

This is due to the fact that both of your families have witnessed you two walk and grow together as good friends and as a couple for a long time. They've seen it all and are completely at ease and at ease with you. Inadvertent gaffes in front of your parents, ironically, endear them even more.

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14. You have a much deeper connection

It often appears that you always know what your partner wants, even if they haven't stated it explicitly. You are completely in sync, thanks in large part to the friendship foundation you have established, and you have (and will most likely continue to) enjoy each other's company for years.

15. You can see yourself getting older with each other

Growing old with your best friend is the most wonderful thing that can happen – pun intended. Imagine having to spend your golden years with someone you despise.

Fortunately, you don't have to worry about that with your partner as your best friend. Your love is founded on true friendship and has blossomed into true love. That is not something that everyone has in life.

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