Boyish Girls (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Not all girls enjoy going to the mall, getting their nails done, and gossiping about their friends; in fact, there are some girls who behave in a boyish manner.

Most people associate boyish girls with someone who wears a baseball cap with a ponytail sticking out, a plaid shirt, and baggy cut-off shorts. Or a girl who despises makeup, enjoys sports, and is perhaps a little insensitive. I'm sure you're not surprised that there are many stereotypes surrounding boyish girls (also known as tomboys).

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I know what it's like to be misunderstood as a full-fledged boyish girl. I've been asked if I'm a lesbian since middle school because I act like one: I have a crude sense of humour, poor posture, prefer short hair (because it's easier to maintain, duh), despise skirts and dresses, and I enjoy getting my hands dirty (I'm not afraid of spiders or picking up ooey-gooey things). But just because I like video games and prefer denim to lace does not make me any less of a woman than a girly-girl.

In fact, boyish girls have many positive characteristics that everyone can appreciate.

They are amusing

Boyish girls are extremely amusing. They enjoy participating in games, whether it's a friendly touch football match or an all-out Xbox battle. They are not only willing to participate in sports and video games, but they also enjoy joking around, encouraging you to race them, encouraging play fights, and even joining in on poker night. These ladies enjoy being invited out to hit a few balls or watch a game at a nearby sports bar.

They require little upkeep

Some girls can spend hours getting ready to go out, but boyish girls leave the house quickly. Although many boyish girls enjoy dressing up and applying makeup, they usually keep it much simpler and more minimal than their girly counterparts (while still looking hot). Despite popular belief, boyish girls enjoy getting dolled up on occasion; it's just that we understand that a little mascara and lip gloss can go a long way, and tights jeans paired with a sexy top are just as attractive (and far more practical) than a slinky dress.

They are laid-back

While the stereotypical girly girl is not only high-maintenance in her appearance, but also in her personality, boyish girls are frequently much more laid-back. They are more at ease being themselves, and as a result, their behavior and moods are more relaxed. Many girls (and guys) value this trait because it makes boyish girls easy to talk to. Rather than getting you worked up about some “dramatic” situation, they're more likely to help you calm down and see things more clearly.

They're Adventurers Boyish girls love to go on adventures! They enjoy being outside, traveling, and trying new things because, after all, what could go wrong? (Remember, they're also laid-back.) Their adventurous spirit can be beneficial, not only because it is entertaining for other adventurous people, but also because it helps to bring their more timid friends out of their comfort zones.

They Have a Great Sense of Humor Boyish girls, of course, love to laugh! They can find humour in almost anything, from slapstick to crude stand-up, and when they laugh, they laugh genuinely, rather than trying to hold it in or stifle their giggles. While some boyish girls can be overly amusing (I have been known to do so), their sense of humor is usually well received by their friends and family.

Just because boyish girls are, well, boyish, doesn't mean they don't make great gal pals or that they're secretly lesbians; they simply enjoy different things and should be appreciated for it.

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