Charming Personality (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Have you ever met someone who was simply unstoppable? You probably couldn't put your finger on it, but there was just something about them that drew you in. You found yourself hanging on every word they said and would follow them to the ends of the Earth on a whim because they were so charming. They most likely possessed some, if not all, of the following characteristics:

1. They treat others with dignity

Charming people see everyone as an equal and treat everyone as such. Perhaps some people are so charming to you because you're not used to being treated so well, and you may not even believe you deserve it. In reality, you deserve it all, but these charming people are the ones who recognize it, which is why you're drawn to them.

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2. They follow the Platinum Rule

The Golden Rule is well-known, but the Platinum Rule takes it a step further. Charming people treat others the way those people want to be treated, rather than the way they want to be treated. When you think about it, the Golden Rule is inherently selfish, because those who follow it are acting in their own self-interest. Those who follow the Platinum Rule consider the feelings of others and treat them accordingly.

3. They have a lengthy discussion

Charming people don't waste their time making small talk. They understand that talking about the weather isn't going to lead to a genuine connection, so they delve into more serious topics. This allows them to get to know each person they meet on a much deeper level, learning about their true interests, feelings, hopes, and dreams. This provides them with a much broader perspective on the world around them, which they carry with them into every relationship they form.

4. They concentrate on individuals

Charming people, in addition to avoiding small talk in favor of deep conversation, become invested in their conversations. They inquire about other people's lives and show genuine interest in the answers. They also pay attention to other people and are not distracted by their cell phone or the ball game on TV. It's always nice to be heard, and charming people make certain that your voice is heard when you speak up.

5. They do not monopolize the conversation

As previously stated, charming people have a lot of questions. They are generally interesting and have a lot to say, but they also know when to let others speak. Some people are overly charismatic, to the point where they will continue to speak long after others have lost interest. Charming people know when to add their two cents and when to step back and let others speak for themselves.

6. They understand the distinction between facts and opinions

Charming people do not simply spout their opinions as if they were hard facts. Because they genuinely care about what others have to say, they are open to other points of view and will be open-minded about topics that come up in a conversation. Of course, they will express their opinions from time to time, but they will do so with facts gleaned from reliable sources. They do not express their opinions in order to argue, but in order to continue a healthy discussion.

7. They are genuine

The majority of people can tell the difference between a genuine charmer and a phony. While a phony will frequently use their “charming” personality to further some ulterior motive, truly charming people make their intentions clear from the start. Typically, these intentions are to further the conversation or to strengthen everyone else around them. You never have to be careful what you say in the presence of a charming person because you know they will never judge you.

8. They are trustworthy

Charming people do more than talk the talk. They put their words into action. Anyone can say they're going to do something, but only charming people actually do it. They back up their words with actions to demonstrate that they aren't just looking out for themselves, but also for those around them.

9. They have a friendly body language

This relates to how charming people pay attention to the speaker and respect them. They will make eye contact and smile as you converse, indicating that their mind is not elsewhere during pauses in the conversation. They demonstrate that they are not bored with your conversation by sitting up straight and giving you their undivided attention. Again, charming people do not have to be the center of attention to be charming; they demonstrate charm through their actions as well.

10. They are upbeat and enjoy life

Charmers have a genuine curiosity about the world around them, which they share with everyone they meet. Their enthusiasm can be contagious. With their suggestions, they can transform ordinary moments into unforgettable evenings; they are always up for making every waking moment count. Charming people have a large following because they inspire others to enjoy life simply by being present.

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