Chilled People (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Do you have a laid-back friend who you enjoy spending time with?

Do you find yourself thinking about how relaxed and calm they are on a regular basis?

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If this describes you, consider yourself extremely fortunate

Let a friend know how much you appreciate them if they bring peace and tranquillity to your life whenever you speak to them. If you've found a friend who isn't into drama or fighting, treasure them. If you've found a friend to whom you can always turn for advice, don't let them go.

Your laid-back pal will alter your outlook on life without you even realizing it. They will not pass judgment on you and will only show you love and positive emotions. They will be one of your best friends – and here are ten reasons why.

1. The laid-back pal does not obsess over trivial matters

It doesn't matter if you had a squabble the day before – your laid-back pal will never hold it against you. They recognize that everyone disagrees at times, and that the friendship is far too important to be shattered over something so trivial.

2. The chill friend is a non-judgmental person

People are often overly critical of themselves and others around them, but not your laid-back pal. They always try to see the best in others and would never judge you for doing something with which they disagree.

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3. The laid-back pal dislikes arguing

The calm friend despises petty arguing; if there is a problem, they will bring it up without emotion. You'd rather have a non-dramatic discussion than a childish brawl.

4. The laid-back friend is unconcerned about a change in plans

Your laid-back pal is always willing to go with the flow, so you never have to worry about upsetting them with a change of plans.

5. Your chill friend respects your privacy

They don't question you about your personal life if you don't want to talk about it. The chill friend respects your boundaries and recognizes that your life and past are not their concern. This isn't to say they aren't involved in your life; if you ever needed to talk about something, they'd be there to listen.

6. You seek advice from a calm friend when you are stressed

If you're having a bad day, the first person you call is your chill pal. They have a way of seeing the world that allows you to relax and focus on the big picture.

7. The laid-back pal dislikes making others feel bad

The calm friend takes no pleasure in telling you, “I told you so.” They don't like making people feel bad or upset, and they'd rather feel equal to their friends.

8. The laid-back friend never expects the relationship to go in a certain direction

The laid-back friend has no expectations for your friendship (or you). They are content to let the relationship develop naturally without imposing certain conditions. They recognize that they have no control over the relationship and that the best thing to do is to simply go with the flow.

9. Your chill friend makes you feel even chiller

Spending time with your laid-back pal has helped you become a more relaxed and optimistic person. When you are upset, angry, or stressed, you remember your friend and it helps you relax. After all, if they can have such a positive outlook on life, why can't you?

10. The chill friend is irreplaceable

You hope your friendship with the laid-back friend will last a long time. They are always there for you when you need them, and you do your best to support and love them. You value their presence in your life and know that knowing them has made you a better person.

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