Choice and Consequences (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Consider this: you have a big presentation to a long-awaited new client in three weeks. But three weeks is plenty of time, so instead of working on your presentation, you sit down at your computer and play game after game of Desktop Tower Defense. You're clearing out your desk three weeks and one day after being let go for failing to land that big-ticket client.

Or how about this: It's the night before the Big Exam. For weeks, you've been skipping class or, when you did show up, you've been wasting your class time by texting back and forth with your friends. You decide to go have a good time with your friends now that you are about to fail. You fail the Big Exam because you are hung-over and unprepared. As a result, you fail the class and lose your athletic scholarship because your GPA has dropped to an unacceptable level. You're not coming back in the fall.

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Or this: The Coach purse in the store window is so beautiful and enticing that you simply must have it. It will leave you a little short on this month's budget, but you've been good lately, haven't you? Surely you can tighten your belt a little in exchange for a nice treat for yourself? Three weeks later, your car's transmission fails. You're forced to use public transportation for the first time in your life because you don't have any money in the bank. You are late to work every day for a week because you are unfamiliar with the schedule; on payday, the boss informs you that they will no longer require your services.

This isn't a post about making bad decisions, though you'd be forgiven if that's what you've taken away from it so far. No, it's not so much about making bad choices as it is about making a specific kind of choice, one made in the moment, for the moment, with little or no regard for the consequences.

This type of decision does not always result in the dire circumstances I've described above. Sometimes everything works out perfectly. Occasionally, a stroke of luck will save our bacon from the fire.

But that isn't the point. The point is, you can choose your actions or your consequences, but you can't choose both.

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All of the stories above are about people making decisions about their actions. Once you decide on an action, the consequences will follow with their own will. Do you prefer drinking to studying? Failure is almost certainly the result. Would you rather hang out with your friends than attend your child's Spring recital? The result is likely to be the loss of your child's trust, as well as the respect of your spouse and other family members. Do you want to show off by driving too fast? There is a good chance that your actions will result in an accident, injury, or even death for you or another person.

You can also choose your own consequences. If you want to be successful in your job, you probably have a good idea of the steps you need to take to get there. Prioritizing work over fun is certainly part of it! If academic success is the desired outcome, your plan of action is also fairly straightforward: a certain amount of study and organization is required. Perhaps you want to establish a loving, positive relationship with your children. You'll have to set aside some time for that, even if it means foregoing other activities you'd like to do.

However, you can only choose one of the two. You can't choose to drink and party and then expect to be successful. You cannot choose to slack off at work and expect to be promoted as a result. You don't get to spend your money frivolously and then have plenty in reserve when an emergency strikes.

We can't always act with clear consequences, and it's certainly worthwhile to live in the moment now and then. Which brings me to the final and most important point: whatever you do, own your decision. If you make a bad decision, accept full responsibility for the consequences. If you choose to act in the direction of a desired outcome rather than deviate from it, own that as well – don't kick yourself or let others kick you for your commitment.

It's not so bad that people act in the heat of the moment and make poor decisions; what's ugly is when they're shocked, shocked, shocked to discover that they didn't achieve the desired outcome. Don't be that person: if you can't live with the consequences of your actions, don't do them! Whatever you do, remember that you have a choice.

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