Confident Woman (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

What do the most confident women you know have in common, such as Malala Yousafzai, Oprah Winfrey, or even a Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift, that allows them to approach life so fearlessly? They project a sense of success, grace, and determination. When they entered a room, their energy changed. They leave an impression.

See how many of these pitfalls you avoid and how you fare as a self-assured woman.

1. They don't spread rumors

Confident women do not discuss other women; instead, they discuss their dreams, plans, and aspirations.

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2. They have no self-doubt

You will not hear them second-guess their choices. Hesitation is not a part of their method. They are always aware of what they are doing and why they are doing it. They carefully consider their options, but once they make a decision, they stick to it.

3. They do not follow fashion trends

Women who are self-assured are trend setters. They don't think about what's “in” and instead make decisions based on what they like. They are acutely aware of their own requirements and preferences. They are also not afraid to ask for what they desire.

4. They never suppress their emotions

You'll know when they're thinking about something. They're not afraid to tell it like it is. With confidence comes the ability to express yourself in a way that others can understand.

5. They never jeopardize their own well-being

Women who are self-assured understand the importance of self-care. They value a healthy work/life balance and make time to eat well, sleep well, and be pampered on occasion just because it feels good.

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6. They never listen with their eyes closed

Confident women prefer to collect their own evidence and reach their own conclusions. They think outside the box because they know that if they don't do their own research, they won't be able to see the big picture.

7. They don't try to please others

When a woman is confident in herself, she does not require outside validation. This enables them to be their authentic selves and trust that those who like her like her for who she truly is. She leads from the heart and has the inner strength to deal with adversity.

8. They do not waste time worrying

Spending time on “what-if,” “should-have,” or “could-have-been” scenarios is not productive for the self-assured woman. She understands that worrying is akin to paying interest on a loan before it has been approved.

9. They have no regrets

They learn from their mistakes and recognize where they went wrong, but they have no regrets. Being able to learn from the past rather than regret it exudes self-assurance.

1o. They aren't afraid to get their hands dirty

They understand the importance of making a good first impression and like to look good, but they don't mind getting caught in a rainstorm or getting sandy feet while walking on the beach. They enjoy the experience, whether it is getting stuck in the rain or falling in the pool.

11. They do not consider failures to be defeats

They are the only ones who can tell you how many times Henry Ford went bankrupt before becoming successful (three!). They understand that there will always be bumps in the road on the way to success. The ease with which they recover allows them to continue on their determined path.

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12. They do not succumb to peer pressure

This is primarily due to the fact that they are not subjected to peer pressure. Those who are concerned about what others think are under pressure. And the self-assured woman simply does not.

13. They do not make irrational decisions

Confident women are in touch with their purpose and use it to guide their decisions intentionally. This fearless way of living intentionally is one of the things that attracts others to them.

14 They do not disregard their instincts

Even if all the facts appear to point in one direction, if their gut tells them otherwise, they will go that route. They understand that instinct is our most powerful ally in decision making, so they pay close attention to it.

15. They do not extol the virtues of being overworked

Productive is not the same as busy. They complete the task; they simply do not feel overwhelmed while doing so.

16. They don't take anything personally

They understand that your point of view is about you, not them. While they value your feedback, even if you disagree with their decisions, they will still make them. And they continue to like you.

17. They are not bothered by silence

Silence, in fact, recharges them. They value alone time where they can explore personal growth and reenergize.

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18. They have no desire to be popular

They value others' authenticity and only want friends with whom they have a deep connection. They enjoy having difficult conversations, which does not make them popular, but they don't mind.

19. They don't require personal trainers

Or, for that matter, alarm clocks. They motivate themselves and are eager to start the day – no snooze buttons for them.

20. They don't want fans, but rather supporters

They probably have 900 Facebook friends and a slew of Instagram followers, but what they care about is the content of their newsfeed, not the numbers. Quality always triumphs over quantity.

21. They do not associate who they are with what they possess

They understand that material possessions do not define them, so their choices in clothing and automobiles are based on what they like rather than how they wish to be perceived.

22. They do not deny themselves

They realize that everything is in balance. They may be on a health kick, but they will happily indulge in an ice cream cone every now and then. They enjoy going to the gym, but they understand that if they miss a workout, the world will not end.

Women who are self-assured do not require the approval of others. Which is most likely why everyone does!

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