Confused About Relationships (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Love is probably the most profound emotion in life, and it is also an experience unlike any other. From happy cries to sad cries and everything in between, love and relationships teach us how to live better lives and, as a result, become kinder, gentler, and more understanding people. But love, or a relationship for that matter, isn't a walk in the park; it's not just about the flying kisses and romantic outings; it's also about the fights, misunderstandings, and learning to respect another person while maintaining your own. So, if you're feeling stressed or misunderstood, this is the book for you. Here are ten things that only people who are in a relationship crisis can relate to.

1. You are madly in love with them

You care about them, want the best for them, and want things to work out for both of you. There is always love, even if it is deep down somewhere, and you guys probably love each other, which is why you care and are confused in the first place. As a result, love is a given.

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2. You despise them as well

Well, this is the point at which you both love them and despise a certain aspect of them. You can't take it, you can't stand it, but you still love them.

3. You're Not Sure

You are unsure of…. “what” you must decide. But you're not sure about something and can't decide what it is.

4. You Are Contentedly Unhappy

You're content, and you enjoy the little, cute, and random things that happen around you. Dogs make you happy, babies make you cry, and ice cream always works, but there's something bothering you that you don't know what it is. You're basically unhappily content.

5. They Aren't All Bad People

They're not too bad, or is it all about you? You're happy with what you've got, but you're not happy with where you're at.

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6. You're not sure whether you're faking it or not

You're putting on a show that you're not entirely sure about; it's not like you're happy or sad.

7. Your friends aren't overjoyed, but just let it be

They're pretty sure you can't make a decision, and they don't want you to, especially when it comes to choosing a partner.

8. You Don't Want To Change But You Need To Change

You desperately want things to change but are unwilling to change. Nobody is perfect, and neither are relationships, but the key is to learn, evolve, and maintain the relationship. It isn't easy, but you must figure out what you truly want, what needs to change, and how you can evolve into someone who can be the change.

9. You Put Pressure On Them When You Shouldn't

You speak all day and all night. You can be romantic, but when something more important is at stake, you shouldn't be pressing everywhere else. But that's exactly what you do!

10. You're Not Sure What's Going to Happen Next

So, what's next? is a question you ask yourself far too frequently. It's not that you don't love him or her but are unsure about the future; you have to figure it out, you have to interact with them and understand what's going on in their heads as well. And you have the answer for yourself; sit, think, and decide because being confused in a relationship stinks more than not being in one. But being here, being confused, is beneficial because it allows you to clarify and decide what is best for you.

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