Dating a Nurse (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Congratulations if you're currently dating a nurse! Each of these points will be obvious to you. If you aren't, you might want to go to the nearest hospital after reading this.

Here are ten things you should know before dating a nurse:

1. We'll look after you if you get sick

We are born with a caring and loving nature. We should be because that is what we do. We take care of multiple patients every day, so caring for you–a single person–is a day off for us. If you become ill, believe us when we say, “You're in good hands.”

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2. We are compassionate and kind

My nursing days revolved around three aspects: knowledge, skills, and heart. Being a smart cookie or acing the practical tests isn't enough. Kindness and compassion are essential values and among the intangibles that a good nurse provides patients. You can rest assured that these characteristics aren't faked. It's just the way we are.

3. We bring order to chaotic situations

Stress is our adversary. It is a common occurrence. We can't run away from it, so we might as well make friends with it. Several admissions, medication that is due, feedings, and emergencies all occur at the same time. Did I mention the demanding relatives and the incomprehensible doctor's orders on top of all of this?

So, what's the catch? You're dating someone who can handle whatever stress or demands your life throws at you.

4. We are capable of dealing with extremely unpleasant situations

Our work isn't always glamorous. And, yes, it mostly involves blood, internal organs, and a slew of other unsavory elements that can make even the toughest men gag. We won't say “Eew!”,” “Yuck!”,” or “That's gross!” because we've seen worse.

5. We pay attention

The majority of relationships end due to a breakdown in communication. If you're dating a nurse, cross that one off the list. We are excellent listeners. We're even good listeners! Every day, we listen to our patients' life stories, as well as the life stories of their relatives and friends' friends. If we require additional information from a patient, we are trained to elicit it from them. For us, this is the circle of life.

So don't be concerned about saying too much. Or, for that matter, too little. There is no such thing for us.

6. We can eat wherever we want

We have extremely hectic schedules, so we eat whatever is edible when it comes to food. We don't even need to reheat the lasagna from the night before. We don't mind what we eat on date night because we know you're saving for our future. Right?

7. When we hear children crying, we rush to their aid

For us, the sound of children crying is completely normal. Tantrums? Nothing is too difficult for our “Patch Adams” approach. Consider our family as a whole, because you know you're dating a fantastic parent-to-be.

8. We will always be able to keep up

We don't all have time to jog outside or own a treadmill, but we do a lot of running and brisk walking in hospital corridors. Internal organs being retracted for a three-hour operation also helps to strengthen our arms. We don't tire easily and excel at graveyard shifts–long, sleepless nights are our specialty.

9. We are extremely likable, especially to parents

Sure, we're good with children. But did you know we also work well with the elderly? We've figured out new ways to deal with difficult, elderly patients. All you have to do is introduce us to your parents, and we'll be best friends for life by the end of the day.

10. We value even the smallest details

A simple ‘thank you' means everything to us. That's how grateful we are for the little things. Every day, we give our patients our all and expect nothing in return. A thoughtful gesture can brighten our day. You don't have to buy us expensive gifts or take us on expensive dates; the little things are important to us.

Thank you to everyone we're currently dating or married to for understanding how wonderful it is to have a nurse as your better half. If you're still looking for that special someone, perhaps it's time to stage an accident.

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