Depressed About Being Single for So Long (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

When did being single become a disease that everyone wants to be free of? Why do people believe that being in a relationship or married is preferable to being alone? These are some questions you should consider. It all depends on how you look at it. So, if you're single and unhappy, here are 13 things I'd like to tell you to make you feel better:

1. Things can and will change. They will, in fact

I don't care if you've been single for decades or just a few days. It's easy to beat yourself up about the “odds” of finding the perfect partner. Don't fall for ridiculous myths like “it's more likely to be abducted by an alien than to get married after 40.” Keep in mind that anything is possible. All you have to do is get out of your own way and start believing it.

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2. Maintain high standards. Don't date someone simply because you don't want to be alone

I can't tell you how many people I know who “settle” simply because they despise being alone. If that's the case, why do you despise being alone so much? Do you dislike yourself? You really should! Because you're such a cool person, you should enjoy being alone. You must believe that anyone who does not want you is a fool, and you would not want them anyway.

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3. Take advantage of this time to learn about yourself

Being with others is frequently used as an escape—an escape from oneself. When you're with others, the emphasis is on them, not on you. But how well do you truly understand yourself? Being single is a priceless opportunity to truly get to know and love yourself. So take the time to get to know yourself. Learn something new. Work on your personal development.

4. Do not pursue anyone

And I really mean it. Don't even consider it! They don't want you if they have to chase you down. And if they don't want you, you shouldn't want them either (see #2). “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time,” Maya Angelou says. Believe it when someone tells you that they would rather not date you. Move on with a shrug of your shoulders. It's not your loss; it's theirs. No, it really is.

5. Work on becoming the type of person you'd want to date

Jerry McGuire was incorrect. Don't look for someone who will “complete” you. If you need someone to complete you, you aren't whole in the first place. Reread #2 and #3 as many times as necessary to grasp the lesson. You want someone to exclaim, “Wow! Is this person dating ME?!?! I'm the luckiest man/woman on the planet!” And the appropriate person will.

6. Learn to appreciate your own company

You're fantastic! You're great! If you don't believe me, you're mistaken. Everyone is flawless in their own unique way. The problem is that many people, particularly single people, do not believe it. It's fine to spend a Saturday night alone with a movie and a glass of wine. You should be thinking to yourself, as my mother always does, “I wonder what the peasants are doing?” In other words, the “peasants” are anyone other than you, because you're having so much fun by yourself that you don't need anyone else.

7. There are still good people around

Again, don't believe the myth that “all the good ones have been taken.” Hogwash! You're not interested, right? So, that's the end of my argument! If you're single and available, you'll find that not all of the good ones are already taken. So all you have to do is get out of your head and stop believing the lies that society tells you. There are a lot of good eligible singles out there for you to meet.

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8. Uncertainty creates opportunity

One of the things that singles dislike is the inability to predict the future. Alternatively, you can command it. They wonder, “Will I be alone forever?” Will I end up as an old maid? “Where should I go to make new friends?” Uncertainty and unanswered questions irritate many people. Uncertainty, on the other hand, brings with it a plethora of opportunities. Your options are virtually limitless!! That's a good thing! All you have to do is believe it.

9. Concentrate on what you have rather than what you don't

This is the first rule of the Law of Attraction. If you're not familiar with it, I recommend reading about it. When you focus on the negative aspects of being single, you are sending out negative vibrations to everyone. They will notice it. Concentrate on your great job, wonderful friends, health, car, food on the table—you name it. When you focus on the positive, your vibration shifts to a more positive state. Others will notice and want to be around you even more than they already do.

10. Keep yourself busy with activities that make you happy

Do you enjoy running? Become a member of a running club! Do you enjoy reading? Participate in a book club! Do you enjoy going out for happy hour with your friends? Carry it out! The more you keep yourself busy, the less you'll focus on the negatives of being single (which there aren't—only what you perceive to be negatives). Keep yourself busy and have fun. And who knows who you'll meet along the way?

11. You must love yourself in the same way that you want to be loved by a partner

If you have been unkind to your partners in previous relationships, reconsider! If you are being cruel to yourself, stop! Take care of yourself! You deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. If you want a good relationship with someone who will treat you well, you must first do it for yourself.

12. When you're feeling lonely, give to others

Maybe you're feeling down on yourself or lonely because you haven't been on a date in a long time. Then try giving something back! Volunteer at a homeless shelter or a women's shelter. It's always rewarding to assist others. The more you help others, the more satisfied you will be with yourself. It will also help you to focus less on what you “don't have.”

13. Take your time

It takes time to achieve perfection! Rome was not built in a single day. The Great Pyramids were not even constructed in a century. So, if you want greatness, you must be willing to wait! Don't just accept whatever comes your way. Make certain that when you choose a partner, he or she is truly who you want. You two should get along well. If not, you may find yourself having to go through the process of being single all over again. So decide what you want and have faith that you will find “the one” in due time.

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