Difference Between Friend and Best Friend (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

“Life is a horrible, ugly place if you don't have a best friend.”

Sarah Dessen –
Best friends have a unique place in our lives. They didn't get the title “best” for nothing. It took a lot of joy, effort, hardship, companionship, and affection to win it.

You make a life-long investment with your best friends, and the returns are priceless. Here are 20 distinctions that demonstrate the distinctions between friends and best friends.

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1. Friends will always compliment you, but best friends will always give you honest feedback

Friends will always be ready to give you a pat on the back or praise you, but they will never dare to criticize you or provide you with honest feedback. Best friends, on the other hand, are there when you need to confront a drinking problem or have a nasty-looking lesion on your back treated. They will tell you right away that you are on the wrong path.

2. Your friends may call you frequently, but your best friends call you every day

How many times have you heard friends claim that they have lost contact with their other friends? Friendship, like a garden, requires daily care. When you have best friends, you call each other every day, and your friendship will always grow stronger.

3. Your friends will not cheer you on, but your best friends will

When you end a relationship, your best friend sympathizes and empathizes, saying things like, “That bitch/bastard, you dodged a bullet there.”

Friends will probably ask what you're going to do now and give you a worried look.

4. Friends will not give you advice when you are in desperate need of it, but best friends will

Friends may take the time to listen, but this does not guarantee that they will be able to guide you. When things go wrong, your best friend will sit down and offer advice and practical wisdom.

5. Your friends may be wary of invitations, but your best friends are not

You invite some friends to a party, and all they want to know is who is going and what their relationship status is. Best friends will accompany you regardless of the situation.

They're just a lot of fun to be around and will inspire you with their sense of humour and zest for life if you don't ask some probing questions first.

6. Friends may not care about loyalty, but best friends do

When people start talking negatively about you, your friends may avoid you and will almost certainly not stand up for you because they are not committed. Best friends, on the other hand, understand and value loyalty and will vigorously defend you.

7. Your friends may be lukewarm supporters, but your best friends will always be there for you

When it comes time to apply for that dream job, friends have a habit of forewarning you about the competition. Best friends may do the same thing, but they will also tell you to go for it.

They are constantly reminding you of all your wonderful qualities, skills, and experience.

8. Friends may make fun of you, but your best friends remember all of your inside jokes

Your best friend has all of your inside jokes memorized and is ready to share them when the occasion arises. Friends will most likely have difficulty recalling or have forgotten about that particular incident.

9. Friends can help you out, but best friends are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

If you have a fever at 2 a.m., you might be hesitant to call a friend, but you can always call your best friend for advice or just a sympathetic word.

10. Best friends, on the other hand, can always keep secrets

We used to have a mutual friend who always said to her friends, “This is strictly confidential.” It was never the case! When you're with your best friends, you know your secrets are completely safe.

11. Your friends will rarely point out your flaws, but your best friends will

We all make mistakes in our relationships, at work, and in our families. Friends rarely go above and beyond, but your best friends will always be able to tell you what went wrong and how to avoid making the same mistake again.

12. Friends are aware of the importance of repaying, but best friends are unconcerned about it

Friends are always willing to pay back, whether it is money or favors, and they expect their friends to remember to do so! This is never an issue with best friends, and there is no counting to be done.

13. Friends don't understand the intricacies of your romantic life, but best friends do

Friends may not be willing to put in that much time and effort, and you may not be confident enough to go into all the details. Best friends are excellent listeners who are aware of all the details, both good and bad.

14. Friends can be strict timekeepers, but best friends can be flexible as well

We understand that punctuality is important, but when certain friends are present, your 20 minutes to get ready can feel like a spaceship launch countdown. Best friends are completely unconcerned and can pass the time by doing something else while waiting.

15. Friends are suspicious of your obsessions, but best friends tolerate them

We all have our pet peeves. With friends, we may have to be cautious because they appear to believe that being odd is not quite mainstream, and they may frown frequently. Best friends, on the other hand, can laugh at each other's obsessions and make jokes about them.

16. Friends dislike hearing the same things over and over, but best friends thrive on repetition

Because we are afraid of being repetitive, we carefully dole out the same old stories, inside jokes, and things we repeat over and over with our friends. Best friends tolerate and thrive on the same old things because they understand how it adds reassurance and comfort to a friendship.

17. Friends do not consider you to be a true soul mate, but best friends do

Friends are great for company, entertainment, and support. Best friends, on the other hand, are like an upgrade. Being a soul mate is completely natural for them because you will always be there for each other and completely understand each other.

18. Friends may not be present during difficult times, but best friends will

Have you ever noticed how friends become overburdened when illness, adversity, or depression strike? They vanish like melting snow. Watch the video to see how best friends will never have to deal with that issue.

19. While your friends are excited about your wedding, your best friend is overjoyed

Your friends will smile and be excited when you announce your wedding or another happy event. But your best friends take it a step further and become even more enthused about it than you are.

20. Friends may be envious, but best friends are never

Many friendships have been shattered as a result of jealousy. There may be sensitivities that go unnoticed, and they can wreak havoc on a friendship like weeds in a garden. Best friends are never envious of one another because their bond is built on openness, trust, loyalty, and being supportive. Their garden is bursting at the seams.

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