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We are all a collective being of our experiences, thoughts, and beliefs, many of which are aimed at improving our own self-esteem and self-worth. How we feel about ourselves on the inside can influence our external experiences, actions, and interactions with others. In other words, if you have low self-worth and do not place a high value on your role in the world, it can have a negative impact on your relationships as well as your mental well-being and happiness.

It's easy to have negative feelings about yourself; in fact, you're more likely to have the same level of self-worth as one of your parents, or a combination of the two. You can start determining your place in the world at a young age by evaluating your connections with the people around you, which can lead to negative connections if you are around dominating, critical, or judgemental people.

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You can carry this low self-esteem into adulthood and apply it to the relationships you form without even realizing it. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. I, too, am one of those people who has struggled with low self-worth, which has harmed both relationships with others and, most importantly, relationships with myself.

How a lack of self-love affected me

I've always been a more naturally introverted person who can be quite shy and sensitive at times. That meant that whenever someone made a mean comment about me (which happened to everyone at some point during school), it stuck in my head like superglue. Instead of having the inner strength and self-love to shrug it off and refuse to believe it, I accepted it as truth and added it to my bank of inner criticism.

I never felt like I had anyone to tell me that this isn't true – that the negative thoughts and actions of others can't harm me unless I allow them to. I was unaware that I possessed the ability to ignore or comprehend the true meanings behind personal attacks; in my mind, it was my fault because I must be a less deserving individual.

This permeated my interactions with others. I would never stand my ground, preferring to chase people down in order to gain their recognition or acceptance. As a result, I was easily manipulated and stayed in relationships that made me unhappy, were unfulfilling, and did not give me room to grow. I would frequently stay with someone because I was afraid I would never find someone else or be worthy of a better relationship.

The insatiable desire for love

Because I didn't love myself and felt like I didn't matter, I looked for love elsewhere. Relationships shaped my life. If I was trying to make the other person happy, that would be the foundation of my own happiness. If they were upset, it was my fault – self-blame was evident in every aspect of my life. I needed to be accepted wherever I went, and if I wasn't, something was wrong with me. I felt obligated to please others and prioritize their happiness over my own because, in my mind, that was a reflection of myself.

The problem is that it eats away at you and is exhausting. I didn't have the ability or even the desire to set life goals for myself, and I didn't celebrate any accomplishments because I didn't allow myself to congratulate myself – it was completely foreign to me.

Recognizing that happiness comes from within and that it begins with self-love
I reached a point in my life when I was alone, broke, jobless, and depressed. They say you have to go to the very bottom before you can rise to the top; well, this was my experience. I finally had enough after a nervous breakdown. I couldn't live my life this way – I can't live my life for the sake of pleasing others.

This realization was the catalyst for my journey to self-love and happiness. I finally realized that I was solely responsible for how I felt and how I reacted to situations and other people. My inner-world is a direct reflection of my outer-world: my low self-esteem and lack of respect for myself were manifesting themselves in my life situation and relationships.

Changing the way you think about yourself after a lifetime is not an easy process, but with support, encouragement, and determination from both external sources and myself, I realized that I am loveable and that what other people think about me is just their own issues that they are dealing with. This was probably the most significant realization for me – people aren't superior, they aren't living their lives perfectly, they make mistakes, and they have problems just like me. I shouldn't compare myself to others who aren't perfect – no one is.

Whether you are happy or unhappy is determined by whether you love yourself and believe you matter in this world. Discovering your inner happiness will simply change the way you see things for what they are and will make you value yourself in everything you do.

The road to self-love is a never-ending journey for me, and it has now improved my life in so many ways. Finally, my outer world is more positive and happy than my inner world.

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