Don’t Forget to Love Yourself (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

We are bombarded with messages in today's society that tell us to put “me” first. And, while it is critical to love, accept, and appreciate yourself in order to maintain your mental and emotional well-being, it is also critical to avoid becoming a conceited, self-absorbed nincompoop.

Learning to love oneself is essential for being able to love others. Establishing healthy relationships necessitates the health of the individuals involved. Recognizing your own good qualities, accepting your own strengths and weaknesses, and being content with who you are–flaws and all–is all part of liking yourself.

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When your self-image becomes distortedly grandiose and you constantly crave the attention and admiration of others, healthy self-love and respect derail and morph into unhealthy egocentrism. You lose sight of your own flaws and fail to see the value in others. Then there's genuine narcissism. This happens when you resort to putting others down and demeaning them in order to make yourself feel better.

How to Love Yourself and Why Loving Others Is Necessary

A distorted sense of self robs you of the ability to grow, love, and be loved by others. Humans are relational beings with an innate need to be loved and to love others. The reciprocal process of giving and receiving love is critical to everyone's well-being. They are both crucial.

Learning to love oneself starts at a very young age. It happens naturally. Others love, accept, and value you, which teaches you that you are valuable and loveable. You internalize those feelings and, at first, begin to see yourself through the eyes of others. This is how self-esteem develops. In reverse, when you love and cherish others, you give them a different perspective on themselves. Your love for them helps them to love themselves.

Your ability to grow is hampered if you are overly self-absorbed. The unfortunate aspect of being narcissistic is that you hyperfocus on a few key aspects of yourself that you love while ignoring, denying, or making excuses for the aspects of yourself that you don't. The narcissist will focus on their appearance or a specific ability or gifting that they may have and will never work on their flaws and weaknesses. This stunts their emotional development.

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Worse, those with an inflated view of themselves frequently criticize and denigrate others in order to maintain their inflated ego. This is the negative side effect of distorted self-love. Extreme vanity results in mistreatment, contempt, and disregard for others. When someone is completely and utterly in love with themselves, they become emotionally unavailable to truly love others–and they also limit the amount of love they can receive.

One of the most obvious signs that you have a healthy amount of self-esteem is your ability to choose to prioritize others and to genuinely love another human being. This does not imply that you should let people walk all over you or feel obligated to do things for them. These acts of service and self-sacrifice are choices that are sincere, pure, genuine, and purposeful. They are heartfelt–you do them because you want to.

Love is a two-way street. The more you give, the more you'll get. Finding a healthy balance between self-worship and self-appreciation can be difficult to achieve. We are encouraged to prioritize ourselves and do what makes us happy, even if it means disregarding the feelings and needs of others. True love is never self-centered, abusive, or vain, and it never degrades, demeans, or belittles others. It is gentle, kind, and uplifting.

Take care of yourself. Others should be loved.

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