Don’t Take Life Too Seriously (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Every day, you are confronted with a plethora of small traps that encourage you to take your life far too seriously. Slow internet connections, people who drive at a snail's pace, and deciding what to wear to an event with an ambiguous dress code are all examples of 21st-century frustrations. It's easy to get caught up in the never-ending stream of decisions and events that comprise our lives, and to forget that most of the challenges we face are only as stressful as we choose to make them. Remember these reasons not to take life so seriously the next time you're tempted to smash your computer or lash out in a fit of road rage.

1. The world is absurd

Civilization is, objectively, ridiculous. Next time you're at a scenic overlook or an elementary school Christmas pageant, take a moment to count the number of people who are viewing nature's beauty or adorable mishaps through small LCD rectangles rather than their own eyes. If that isn't enough to convince you that our lives are absurd, consider the fact that businessmen are expected to tie a piece of cloth around their necks every day for no apparent reason, or that every suit they wear has a row of pointless buttons on the cuff. You are two steps ahead of the game if you can stop and laugh at everyday absurdities.

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2. Relationships are everything

When researchers have tried to figure out what makes people happy, they have repeatedly come to the same conclusion: personal relationships make the most difference. If we valued happiness over money (as many of us claim), we would do everything we could to spend time with friends and family and not be so concerned with putting in extra hours at work. When you look back on your life, you will remember family dinners, great vacations, romantic dinners, and your wedding, not the time you spent at work. Give people precedence over your career.

3. Wealthy people are not happier

Spending more time at home or with friends will almost certainly have a negative impact on your bank account balance. Some of you may have panicked just reading that sentence, but consider this: wealth is not correlated with happiness. In fact, once you have enough money to meet your basic needs, money has little effect on your overall well-being. The only exceptions are if you donate your extra cash to charity or if it significantly improves your social standing.

4. Worrying is counterproductive

Some of us even become stressed out in situations where it is completely unnecessary. For example, you could be visiting a new city like London or Paris and become completely befuddled by the public transportation system. You're frustrated because you can't figure out how to get where you want to go. But what are you achieving by overstressing yourself? Nothing. Take a breather and laugh at yourself. Go with the flow and you'll end up where you're supposed to end up. Getting lost in a new city will produce a far more interesting story than visiting a stuffy museum.

5. You have a limited amount of time

Why do we waste so much time worrying if it is ineffective and money does not make us happy? You only get one chance at life. If you are fortunate enough to live to the age of 90, you will have less than 800,000 hours between the time you are born and the time you die to cherish and enjoy all that life has to offer. You won't even be awake for one-third of that time, so make the most of the remaining portion. Do what you need to do to live a happy and fulfilled life, and disregard what others say.

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6. You are a speck

Finally, if you need a reminder that your problems aren't as big as they appear, get out of the city and gaze at the stars. The universe is much bigger than you can imagine. It is teeming with burning gas balls, galaxies and solar systems innumerable, and (likely) thousands of other civilizations fighting their own wars and facing their own challenges. You are insignificant in a very real sense. What could be a better reason not to take your life too seriously? The only thing that matters is that you enjoy your life as much as you can and that you help others do the same.

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