Double Date (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Going on a double date appears to be the ideal way to spend an evening. It is, however, possible to alienate members of the group. Because leaving one person out will almost certainly result in a difficult night, it is critical that the evening always feels like a group activity. So, find your favorite couple and clear your weekend—these seven double date ideas will ensure a successful evening.

1. Excessive affection should be avoided

On double dates, it's important to keep public displays of affection to a minimum. Yes, a date is normally the time to get a little cozy with your love interest, but when it comes to double dates, it's important to be considerate. Most people will be uncomfortable if you start freaking out with public displays of affection. Too much affection, or more affection than the other couple is comfortable with, can quickly lead to an uncomfortable situation, especially if the other couple is at a different stage in the relationship than you.

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2. Make everyone feel welcome

When on a double date, it is critical to make everyone feel at ease. You risk alienating the rest of the group if you focus on topics that few people understand, or if you spend too much time speaking with the same person. To make everyone feel included, try asking questions about friends you don't know as well.

3. Drink in moderation

It is best to limit your alcohol consumption when out on a double date. There's nothing wrong with having a drink or two at dinner, but getting sloshed is a recipe for disaster. Know how much alcohol you can handle comfortably, and start slowly. Nobody wants to be responsible for even one drunk friend, let alone two or three.

4. There will be no fighting

Another important way to ensure that everyone feels involved on a double date is to avoid fighting. Bringing up differences or being abrasive can make everyone feel uneasy. Even if it begins as play fighting, tensions can quickly escalate to make the night uncomfortable.

5. Keep inside jokes to a minimum

This is related to ensuring that everyone feels involved. Inside jokes are best avoided on a double date because they are inherently exclusive. Situations are rarely as amusing when explained, and dwelling on times when others were not present can make others feel excluded. Avoiding inside jokes with the person you know the best in the group will make for a more enjoyable night for everyone.

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6. Avoid watching movies

While watching a favorite movie with your significant other is a fun way to spend the evening, it can be awkward on a double date. Aside from the fact that four people may have difficulty deciding which movie to see, movies do not allow you to get to know anyone else in the room. You either sit in silence and don't really get to know each other, or you're tempted to become too familiar with your date.

7. Make an excellent plan

Finally, it's always a good idea to take one last moment to go over your plans.

The better the date, the smoother the night. Make sure you have enough transportation, are aware of your reservations or business hours, and that your phone is fully charged. You make it easier for everyone to stay relaxed by keeping the evening free of potential complications. Knowing about any potential scheduling conflicts ahead of time will make your night go smoothly.

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