Dramatic People (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Has anyone ever said to you, “you're so dramatic?” Didn't it feel good? No? I've always hated admitting that I enjoy being dramatic for some reason. Have you ever attempted to conceal your dramatic side? Don't do it — it's difficult to be full of passion, vigor, and, at times, perhaps too much emotion, but it's also a lot more fun!

I've tried to keep my passionate side hidden, but it always finds a way to come out. As a theatre graduate, I spent four years working with some of the most talented actors in the world. We were out of our minds, but we were also show stoppers. Does that describe you?

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As a life coach, I hear people apologizing for being dramatic on a regular basis. Who said being dramatic had to be a bad thing? Dramatic people know how to take charge of their lives, and it's a sight to behold! Do you know a dramatic person? Are you attempting to push yourself or them off the stage?

Here are ten things to keep in mind if you love a dramatic person, and if you don't, give us another chance. Why?

1. They are deeply in love

Nobody wants to be softly loved. Consider this… it sounds lame. Who wants a sloppy kiss right before going to bed? Who doesn't want a soft pat on the buttocks? You want someone who will sacrificially love you. Sure, they'll embarrass you in public with excessive PDA, but you'll never feel more violated in a loving way. We're always willing to lend a helping hand, so you'll never feel alone.

2. They force you to come out of your shell

People who are dramatic always bring out the best in others. So many of us are hiding behind masks, afraid to show our true selves. Dramatic people have no qualms about revealing their true selves to the world. The world is their stage, and if you're a part of it, you'd better be prepared to perform as well. They have an uncanny ability to entice people out of their comfort zones and push them to enjoy all of life's pleasures.

3. They are emotionally alive

Dr. John M. Oldham claims that “dramatic men and women live in an emotional world.” You don't always want to hear about the drama, but hey, at least they're willing to talk about it. Is it better to keep all of your emotions bottled up until they explode into a passive aggressive argument? No! Dramatic people fully express what they are feeling at the time.

4. They entertain even when you don't ask them to

Bored? Sad? Tired? Just give them a call, and they'll brighten your day. According to The New Personality Self-Portrait, dramatic people enjoy being the center of attention. They'll probably start singing for no apparent reason, just to break up your monotonous day. The best of the drama queens always have a song in their heads. Why not spread the love? Everyone could use a little more singing in their lives. You can always rely on them to provide entertainment.

5. They are “ferocious!

In fact, it's most likely their favorite word! They walk around all day, shouting “fierce” whenever they're “nailing it.” And they “nail it” every time because they have to stay “fierce.” It's a sickeningly sweet cycle. Who doesn't want to be referred to as “fierce?” Don't apologize for your brilliance; the world requires more dramatic individuals like you to step into greatness. Note to self: don't be too arrogant about it. Fierce humility is seductive!

6. They back up your vision

According to The New Personality Self-Portrait, research shows that dramatic people “eagerly respond to new ideas.” Tell a dramatic person about your next big project if you want to get people excited about it. Even better, if you need assistance, tell a dramatic person. It's difficult to find a dramatic person whose spirit isn't willing to say “yes.” If you speak passionately about your idea, you will gain another soul warrior on your team. They will go above and beyond for you, they will work hard, and they will impress! If you make them do too much, they will become extremely resentful later on. Speaking from personal experience! Make good use of them; they are wiser than they appear.

7. Even if you're wearing sandals, they'll charm your socks off

Do you want to feel great about yourself? Spend time with someone who is dramatic. They'll either compliment you on your stylish new summer haircut or ask where you got your new clothes. Is this your first meeting? Are you a little shy? They always know what to say to make you smile, so don't worry. They'll make you feel so good that you'll want to jump out of your socks.

8. They are vying for your attention

Some people find this vexing. But what if that doesn't work? Cold, uncaring, and unapproachable? I'd rather have someone who is always overjoyed to see me. I know they sometimes expect too much from you, but it's only because they adore you! Is there anything wrong with that? They swear they won't drool!

9. They will not ignore you

Isn't it nice to know they're thinking of you? Admit it, you enjoy the spotlight! Because they can't stand being ignored, dramatic people will be the last to ignore you. They'd rather talk to themselves than sit in awkward silence with you. Do you feel lonely? Just go find someone who is talking to themselves; they're probably a little dramatic and would love to talk. Finally…

10. They are concocting the next big idea

According to Louis B. Morris and John M. Oldham, dramatic people have “rich imaginations.” They generate imaginative ideas almost as quickly as they speak. Not only that, but they are eager to share their next blockbuster with anyone with whom they come into contact. Dramatic people have an infectious ability to inspire global change! Will you join us for the ride?

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