Emotional Person (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

“The moment we cry in a movie is not when something is sad, but when it turns out to be more beautiful than we expected.” De Botton, Alain

Emotional people are frequently the most sensitive. The ones who cry a little sooner than everyone else in the theater, perhaps hurt by a boss's remark or a friend's jokes that go a little too far. However, you are the ones who see things that others do not. You're the ones who notice when someone is sad while everyone else goes about their business. You're the ones who dash out into the pouring rain to retrieve the freezing cold family dog! Yes, you may act emotionally before thinking logically, but there are some aspects of being this type of person that aren't so bad. Here are a few examples.

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You take great care not to offend anyone's feelings

You know what it's like to have hurt feelings. And the last thing you want is for anyone else to go through it if they don't have to. Trying not to hurt someone's feelings may not be the easiest or even the most rational thing to do. It does happen from time to time, and it is not our fault or intention. But it is very kind of you to try so hard not to make another human being feel hurt, especially not by you.

Your memories are very important to you, and you sometimes dwell on them excessively

You have a tendency to dwell on the past and be concerned about the future. And, while mindfulness is a wonderful approach and possibly solution for this, the fact that you think so much about things makes you a very thoughtful person. Things that happened in your life that meant a lot to you are very special to you. Certain people, places, and times can have inherent significance, which is both beautiful and powerful! Just remember not to dwell on things that aren't particularly beneficial to you. It is always necessary to live in the present moment so that we can enjoy it as well.

Happiness is more important to you than success

Some people will go to any length to reach the top. They will prioritize themselves over their families and friends, as well as anything else. And sometimes it isn't until they reach the top that they realize they aren't any happier for having arrived.
You do not prioritize success. Your top priorities are happiness, love, and care. Just keep in mind that success can play a significant role in happiness. It's critical to set goals and feel like you're making progress toward them.

You are not afraid to make errors

As someone who is fairly in tune with their emotions, you understand that making mistakes is fairly human. You've made a lot of them before, as has everyone else. You are not afraid of making a mistake because you understand emotionally that it is a part of life. Yes, when we act on our emotions, we may be burned by our choices. But we will have had an experience, possibly a really great one.

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You are more concerned with feelings than with reasons

You are a good friend and a good human to have in someone's life because you recognize the significance of how we feel. Everyone has emotions! You are concerned about feelings and the role they play in everything we do. We could make a list of all the reasons why we should or should not do something, but you are more concerned with our personal investment, and you follow your heart rather than the rules. It may not always take you where you want to go, but at least you have a good reason for taking that route.

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