Feeling Incompetent at Work (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Do you ever wonder if you're doing a good job? It is critical to keep up in today's world of high job turnover and career jumps if you want to keep your job. If your current job isn't working out, it's a good idea to keep an eye out for new opportunities. After all, staying with a company for years (and years) is becoming increasingly rare. But it can be difficult to tell if your job isn't right for you or if you're just bad at it. So we've compiled a list of ten indicators to help you figure it out.

1. You're Always Being Left Out

Other parties at the company may be notified ahead of time if you are about to be fired (both for workload reasons and through the grapevine). People will often avoid including you in social events if you are the next to die so that they do not have to face awkward questions.

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2. Your Boss Is Avoiding You

Similar to #1, if your boss avoids you, it's a big sign that you're on the chopping block. As a subordinate, you obviously have numerous, lengthy conversations with your boss. If these suddenly begin to fade, it is likely that he or she is waiting for the right moment to break the bad news.

3. Your workload decreases

If you notice that you are getting less and less work, this is usually a bad sign. It indicates that a top-level discussion has taken place about limiting the number of responsibilities you have. As a result, there is less of a chance that your performance will have a significant impact on the business. This is also a way for the company to begin delegating your work to other employees who will be there for an extended period of time.

4. You are assigned less important tasks

Managers who know you're about to be fired will stop giving you large-scale, high-level assignments in addition to limiting your workload. By doing so, they ensure that none of your work is left over after you leave and that your performance issues do not have an impact on an important part of the business.

5. Despite a light workload, you feel overburdened

If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed but notice that your workload is comparable (or significantly lighter) than that of your coworkers, this could be an indication that you are not a good fit for the position. While this is less of a red flag that people are thinking about firing you, it is a way to tell if you aren't quite cut out for the job. A good way to change this is to try to stay on top of your work by creating priority lists or putting in a few extra hours per week.

6. You Stay at Your Current Job Level for a Long Time

One of the best pieces of advice a jobseeker can get is that if they have been at their current job for two years or more with no upward mobility or change in title, it is probably a good idea to look for another job. This indicates that you are not being appropriately challenged, and that you may not have much of a future in this position. This is also an indication that your superiors do not have much faith in you in the long run.

7. You notice that other employees are taking over your work

If you notice that other employees are working on projects that are similar to yours, it could be because your manager has assigned it to them to prepare for your departure. Similarly, if a colleague directly asks you about how you complete your projects (when they haven't shown much interest in the past), this could indicate that they are planning to take over your work soon—a red flag that you may be considered expendable.

8. You've noticed an increase in IT or HR restrictions

If you start to notice that you're being locked out of certain servers or accounts (when you weren't before), this could be a sign that you're about to be fired. This is sometimes the first thing that is noticed when using a VPN or remote access. If you suddenly find yourself unable to access admin files or your email account when you are not in the office, your privileges may have been revoked. When an employee leaves, this is usually the first step for the IT team to take to ensure information security.

9. You Have Permission to Slack Off

If your employer begins to show less interest in your tardiness, whereabouts, or overall performance, this could be a sign that they are “cutting their losses.” In other words, if they're going to let you go in a couple of weeks, they might not mind if you're late or take a long lunch break. While this may appear to be a good thing, it could indicate that your days are numbered.

10. You aren't invited to as many team meetings as you used to be

Finally, if you notice that your meeting invites are decreasing while subsets of your team continue to attend the same general number of meetings, you may be on the shortlist to be let go. Again, this is a method for an employer to wean you off of upcoming projects in order to make the transition easier. Similarly, if you are a part-time employee who is being assigned to fewer and fewer shifts, your time with the company may be coming to an end.

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