Feeling Out of Place (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

If you've ever felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, you understand how it feels to be out of place. You have a general lack of alignment—the sensation that you are actively squandering time, energy, and resources can be almost paralyzing.

I know this because I've felt it firsthand: the anxiety, self-doubt, and worry that takes over, the way your mind can be suddenly flooded with negative thoughts and the curiosity about what might have happened if you'd made different choices.

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Recognizing that you are out of place can be frightening, but it does not have to be permanent.

Here are five things you can do if you're feeling out of place.

1. Recognize that your emotions are attempting to communicate something IMPORTANT to you

As a Spiritual Advisor, Yogi, and Coach, I've spent a lot of time researching how humans receive messages. Some people are able to pick up on the subtle and quiet messages whispered to them by the universe, whereas others must be smacked upside the head with the information.

In the latter case, the Universe will ensure that the message is amplified to the point where it cannot be ignored. You may be conflicted about how you feel.

As an example:

You may have a steady job that you enjoy, but you still feel off track and dissatisfied. You are feeling lost, but it is difficult for you to admit that you are unhappy at work and that you may need to explore other options in order to feel fulfilled.

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You are in an unhealthy or toxic relationship. However, you are more afraid of being alone and having to put yourself out there, so admitting that you need to separate from that person is too difficult for you.

These realizations may be difficult and time-consuming. Release any feelings of embarrassment or shame associated with your confusion or fear. Humans are creatures of convenience.

It is normal to feel some internal resistance when you realize that what your spirit desires and what is comfortable at the time are not in sync.

Recognizing that you've gotten off track is a critical first step toward getting back on track. Recognizing that you are lost or confused takes courage and honesty. Give yourself credit for taking this crucial first step.

2. Take some time to reflect on when you first felt out of place or off track

Everything has a root, a cause, and a beginning. If you're going to be able to move forward, you need to know where you're going to start.

When used strategically, journaling can be a tremendously beneficial tool. I'm not talking about the usual and cathartic freewriting associated with journaling, but rather “prompt journaling.”

Prompt journaling allows you to focus your attention very efficiently as you investigate some issues.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • I feel secure when…
  • When was the last time I felt confident?
  • I'd like to feel…
  • I've earned…
  • I am deserving…
  • I noticed a shift in myself when…
  • The activities that make me happy are…
  • I am overjoyed when…
  • When… I feel alive.
  • I enjoy…
  • Write a letter to yourself in a year.

2 years ago, write a letter to yourself

Journaling has been shown in studies to help manage anxiety and reduce stress because it allows you to express yourself in a healthy way when confronted with overwhelming emotions.

The act of physically writing can help you gain clarity by allowing you to prioritize your fears or concerns, as well as providing a space for positive self-talk and a judgment-free zone to recognize negative thoughts and behaviors.

3. Communicate with Your Support System

Support systems are critical in assisting you in determining how, when, and why you became off track in the first place. Sometimes having an objective and external source to help you process some of the things you are discovering and realizing about yourself can be beneficial. It can be quite a lot.

Consider talking to trusted friends and close family members, or to people you feel comfortable talking to and who you know will be objective yet honest with you.

The goal is to enlist the assistance of someone who can assist you in recognizing the things that you may be avoiding. In some cases, working with a trusted professional, such as a therapist, is preferable.

In other cases, you may require assistance in organizing your thoughts and developing an action plan. In that case, you could seek the assistance of a reputable coach or experienced mentor.

It is critical to have a support system that will hold you accountable and create space for you to go through the process in order to get back on track. This will significantly reduce the negative effects of feeling out of place.

4. Be Thankful

Gratitude is a soul-healing balm. It may be the thing that provides us with relief from our mental and emotional troubles.

The alchemy that occurs in the brain when we practice gratitude is incredible. According to studies, spending time focusing on the things for which one is grateful can lead to increased optimism, a better sense of one's life, an organic desire to exercise, and fewer doctor's visits.

Allow me to be clear. Gratitude does not imply ignoring what bothers you or sweeping things under the rug. Rather, gratitude requires you to become innately aware of the world around you and your current experience in order to identify anything—no matter how small—for which you are grateful.

It can be as simple as a beautiful day, a juicy tangerine, water, or simply waking up. The thing for which you express gratitude does not have to be grandiose. It could be something simple, small, and unique to your experience. The goal is to reorient your thinking so that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

5. Make a mental picture of where you want to be

After you've acknowledged how you feel, inquired about when it began, checked in with your support system, and expressed gratitude, the only thing left to do is to begin visualizing where you want to be.

It's pointless to do all of this work if you don't know where you want to go from here. Dare to dream big. Consider (or journal about) where you want to be in one month, six months, and a year.

Draw a picture of how you want your life to look. Construct a vision board. There are numerous ways to bring your vision to life.

We want to externalize these ideas so that we can easily refer back to them when we are overwhelmed. It's easy to lose sight of what we're doing and why we're doing it right now. When you can see an external representation of your goal. When things get rough, it's easier to have it anchor you.

It is easier to create a plan of action when you have a clear vision. Finally, that plan of action will assist you in taking the necessary actions to help you get back on track.

Final Thoughts

When you feel out of place in life, there is no quick fix for getting back on track. You must examine yourself critically and become inquisitive about what is causing these feelings.

You must want to change your focus and truly want to reconnect with yourself. There must be a willingness to put in the effort. You must believe that YOU ARE DESERVING OF PEACE, HAPPINESS, SATISFACTION, AND JOY; otherwise, envisioning the life you desire will be impossible.

It's not the end of the world if you get off track. In reality, it is more of a rite of passage. Remember that it is not permanent, and that if you are proactive, you can speed up the process. You've got this!

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