Filling the Void (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Consider a situation in which you are struggling to ignore and escape a sense of extreme purposelessness and emptiness. Despite knowing a little about what you enjoy and want from life, as well as what you hope to achieve in the future, you still feel empty and are plagued by bouts of loneliness.

If you're wondering, “Why do I feel empty?” keep reading to find out what these feelings of emptiness mean and how you can start to overcome them.

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What Does It Mean to Feel Empty?

According to Dr. Margaret Paul, a psychology expert, inner emptiness is caused by a lack of love.

Feeling empty can occur when you do not love yourself, ignore your feelings, and constantly seek attention and approval from others.

Everyone is creative and full of potential, but not everyone uses that potential and thus feels as if they are wasting their time and energy. We try to fill the void with food, relationships, work, and other activities designed to divert our attention.

An unfulfilling job, a lack of close friendships, a toxic relationship, or a simple lack of self-love and compassion can all contribute to feelings of emptiness. Regardless of the cause, emptiness can be overcome if you are willing to make some significant changes to your routine and thought processes.

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Emptiness and Void Symptoms

To solve the problem, we must first learn how to recognize when we are feeling empty on the inside. Understanding emptiness necessitates a greater understanding of our inner feelings.

Let's take a look at some of the most common signs of emptiness and void:

  • You have no idea who you are or what your life's purpose is.
  • You have a lot of negative thoughts in your head.
  • You are constantly seeking approval from family and friends.
  • You're at a loss for words to express your emotions.
  • Emptiness can feel like an inner void or emotional numbness at times.

. If it has become a long-term feeling, it may manifest as anxiety or depression. You may be experiencing emptiness if you feel as if you've lost your sense of direction.

What is the source of my emptiness?

The most important thing to understand is that emptiness is a state of deficiency.

Some people who suffer from chronic emptiness had parents who were incapable of having intimate relationships with them. When you do not receive enough love and attention as a child, you begin to believe that you are unworthy. That is, the true source of inner emptiness is a lack of emotional connection and love demonstration.

As a result, this feeling can follow us around like a piece of luggage. Lack of belonging becomes a traumatic imprint that is so unbearably uncomfortable that we are willing to do anything to get away from it.

Although this is a common experience for many people, if left untreated, it can lead to a mental illness, such as depression, or substance use disorders. Furthermore, people tend to escape from this state through unhealthy habits, which increases the likelihood of alcohol and drug addiction.

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For these reasons, knowing what is truly important to you will aid in determining the source of your feelings of emptiness.

How to Handle Emptiness

The key to overcoming emptiness is to identify what you are lacking. Is it a feeling of belonging, significance, or interpersonal connection? Here are some ideas from top experts on how to recognize and deal with inner emptiness.

1. Re-center and re-balance yourself

We should focus on ourselves and spend more time thinking about our desires, according to Kaitlyn Slight, a marriage and family therapist in Raleigh, N.C.

You can spend a few minutes meditating or exercising to put your body and mind in a good mood.

Taking a warm bath is the simplest way to rebalance yourself emotionally and physically.

Bathing has been shown in numerous studies to have numerous benefits, including pain relief, increased mobility, and improved psychological well-being.

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While it is easy to become distracted by all of the negative emotions you are experiencing, it is critical to re-center yourself by engaging in self-care activities such as exercise, healthy eating, meditation, and other healthy habits.

Try to incorporate some of these 30 Self-Care Habits for a Strong and Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit into your daily routine.

2. Find Out What You Need With the Help of Others

Everyone has needs, and it is important to recognize that we cannot always meet them without the assistance of others. We believe that we must meet them on our own, but it is sometimes necessary to seek assistance.

Asking for help can help you solve many problems in your life and is the first step toward meeting your needs. If you lack interpersonal connection, for example, ask a family member to introduce you to some new people. A single introduction can lead to a slew of new connections.

If you're having trouble motivating yourself to go to the gym to exercise, find a friend who wants to start as well so you can be accountability partners. Whatever you are lacking, there is almost certainly someone out there who can assist you if you are willing to reach out.

If you find it difficult to ask for help, consider the following suggestions: How to Ask for Help When You Feel Like You're Being Silly

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3. Value and cherish what you have

Gratitude is another way to alleviate feelings of emptiness. According to research, gratitude is a very important positive emotion that allows people to broaden their worldview and view of themselves, which leads to the development of better social relationships and skills. It's a spiritual practice that allows you to maintain a constant inner smile.

This means that people who are thankful are also happier with their relationships with their friends and family. They are also less stressed and generally happier (The Wellnest: 5 CRAZY-GOOD REASONS TO PRACTICE GRATITUDE).

Try to be appreciative of what you have by noticing all the good things that we take for granted. A simple compliment given throughout the day will demonstrate how much positive energy you can generate.

Begin a gratitude journal if you enjoy writing. Take 5 or 10 minutes each morning or evening to write down 3-5 things for which you are grateful.

These 32 Things You Should Be Thankful For can motivate you to be thankful today.

4. You should never stop learning new things

Learning something new has motivational effects similar to dopamine, which leads to emotional stimulation, according to neurobiologists.

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As a result, it is critical to not only review previously learned information, but also to challenge yourself to learn something new every day or week.

You can do this by listening to educational podcasts or watching YouTube videos. Because TED talks are often quite short, you can fit some learning into even the busiest of days.

If you enjoy reading, buy a few used books and set a goal for yourself to finish them within a certain time frame. Even fiction books can teach you a lot about the human condition and psychology, so look for something that piques your interest.

5. Seek professional assistance if necessary

Many people, no matter how long they analyze themselves and look for a problem, are unable to pinpoint the source of this sensation.

Find a good mental health professional who can help you explore your emotions and figure out why you're feeling empty. They will assist you in becoming whole again by grounding you in the present moment.

You can also look for support groups to connect with others who are going through similar issues.

Try to overcome the notion that seeking professional help implies weakness, because it most emphatically does not. Asking for assistance is a sign of incredible strength and bravery, and once you start reaping the benefits, you'll wish you had done it sooner.

Final Thoughts

Finding the source of inner emptiness can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Instead of distracting yourself with things like shopping, food, alcohol, and drugs, figure out what makes you feel incomplete and reclaim your happiness.

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