Find Your Center (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Because the human mind can be extremely complex, multifaceted, and ever-changing, gaining control of the most powerful organ we have at our disposal can be frustrating, irritating, and extremely difficult at times. Fortunately, there are ways to ‘find your center,' that is, to find and focus on your core self while shedding the extraneous of the world and achieving the calm and control we all require.

Without further ado, here are eight of the best ways to rediscover your center and become the calm, relaxed person you were born to be.

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1. Just Breathe–You'll Feel Better Right Away

Yes, we all do it, but let's be honest: how often do you really pay attention to how you breathe? Take four deep, deep breaths and hold them for four beats. Then, for a count of four, exhale. See how much better you feel now that you're calmer and more centered?

Being aware of how we breathe and what we do can help us be present in the moment and take stock of everything, making it much easier to find our center.

2. Get More Sleep to Feel Better Tomorrow

As someone who used to despise sleep with a vengeance as a child, I can honestly say that it is fantastic now. Sleep is wonderful.

As a result, whenever I can, I take naps or go to bed earlier so that I can feel more refreshed, happier, and ready to face the world at my best. Finding your center is all about finding your optimal conditions, so experiment with your sleep schedule until you find the right amount for you.

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3. Plan for Mindfulness and Efficiency

Organizing things has recently become a hobby of mine, owing to the fact that as a teenager, I was constantly rummaging through piles of junk to find what I was looking for.

I'm not suggesting you all become Martha Stewart with pristine, perfect rooms and organizational skills–trust me, most days of the week I can barely remember what I'm supposed to do–but clearing the decks and having a bit of structure in your life can be a boon to helping you find and channel your best self at your core.

4. Let Music Take You Away

Finding the perfect song for the perfect moment is something we've all done at some point, and believe me, it can bring you the peace and serenity you need.

It doesn't even have to be relaxing music–I've lost myself in EDM, dance, pop, rock, metal, or anything with a great beat. Music has helped me focus on the important things in life and has provided me with great motivation and grounding. Go get your groove on, and if you dance while you're at it, you'll be getting your strut on while also burning some calories!

5. Never, ever stop reading

In my opinion, we should never, ever stop reading, and those who do are missing out on all of the wonderful, amazing, and inspiring things to be found in books, articles, magazines, and whatever medium you choose. Reading also has the fun side effect of keeping you in the moment–while watching a movie, you can easily be checking your phone or responding to a Tweet, but reading requires you to be present in order to immerse yourself in that world.

6. Have Faith in Everything You Can

Never lose faith in anything. In people, beliefs, or whatever else. The truth is that having hope, a passion, and a genuine belief in something solid roots you and grounds you.

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Faith or belief is a strong bond or emotional resolution in something that does not have to be religious in any way shape or form. Finding your center entails identifying and cultivating your core beliefs, such as being kind to others and voting in every election.

7. Seek the Good in All Things

There are good things all around you if you keep looking. This is something that is ingrained in us as children, but which we occasionally forget. The media tells us about the horrible, frightening world we live in and why we should be afraid of almost everything.

There is so much in the world that is good, worthwhile, and worthy of celebration that focusing on the good and actively seeking the great and wonderful can not only center you; it can also make you appreciate life a lot more.

8. Relax by meditating on a daily basis

Meditation, meditation, and more meditation. It should be part of everyone's regular repertoire of ways to unwind and find inner peace.

Finding your center is about letting everything else go, all the things in our lives that we don't need right now, and just letting our selves, our true selves, emerge through the quiet and serenity that meditating can provide. Plus, you can do it anywhere there is some peace and quiet and some time.

It may take some time–meditation isn't a one-and-done thing–but you'll eventually find yourself dealing with situations with more grace and competence than usual. And isn't that something worth investing in?

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