Finger Massages (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Self-administered reflexology and acupressure are excellent ways to provide quick discrete relief for a variety of pain and symptoms without having to wait for an appointment, disrupting your routine, or touching painful areas.

Reflexology and acupressure

You are correct! Acupressure sounds similar to acupuncture. It operates on the same principles as before, but without the intimidation factor. Simply replace the needles with your fingers while applying moderate pressure, and you're done!

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Reflexology is the application of therapeutic pressure massage to specific areas of our hands and feet to promote functional energy flow, pain relief, and overall health. Reflex zones on our hands and feet correspond to specific areas of our bodies and even organ systems within our bodies. There is often an energy blockage in areas where we feel pain, preventing health and wellness.

These two practices are combined in the following approaches, which you can use at home or on the go.

Migraines and headaches

The tips of all four fingers, particularly the area at the base of the fingernails, can be used to relieve headache pain. Concentrate on the index finder (positivemed) and the webbing between the thumb and index finger, also known as the Valley of Harmony (as shown).

Pain and pressure in the sinuses

Bring your thumb to the pad of your finger (the part that touches keys when typing) and your forefinger to the opposite side close to your cuticle, palm facing you. Squeeze and hold the tips of each finger for 1-3 minutes, using firm but comfortable pressure. When finished, lightly massage the area. Repeat with all of your fingers. For sinus pain, headache, dizziness, pressure, stuffy nose, and congestion relief. Keep a tissue on hand.

Neck Tension/Pain

Massage the middle of each of your fingers from your knuckle to the base of your finger. Repeat this process for each finger on each hand. Consider the tips of your fingers to be your head, and as you work your way down your fingers, you are working your neck and shoulders. If necessary, consult a professional reflexology chart.
Upset Stomach

Massage and warm up the entire thumb because it corresponds to the stomach and spleen meridians. You can also use direct pressure to keep the object in the center of your palm.

Throat Infection/Cold

Warm up by massaging the entire thumb. Extensive pressure can be applied to the meaty part of your hand's web. Also, as shown, apply specific pressure to the thumb on the tissue on the inside by the nail.


Massage the entire hand lightly, then apply direct pressure to the point on your middle finger just below and on the side of your nail closest to the index finger.

Cramps/Abdominal Pain During Menstruation

Massage the entire hand lightly, then apply direct pressure to the point on your index finger just below and on the side of your nail closest to the thumb. The second direct pressure point is a point on your pinky just away from the nail on the cuticle line toward the outside (away from the rest of your fingers).

Some extra advice

1. Warm-up in the general area

RELAX. Then, for a minute, rub your hands together to increase the energy and sensitivity of your hands. Next, gently massage and warm up the skin and general area to be worked on with the fingers and thumb of your opposite hand.

2. Concentration

Use your opposite thumb and fingers to apply comfortably firm pressure to the area of interest to work. (Warning: this is a potentially sensitive area.) Hold the area for 1-5 minutes, then repeat 1-5 times more as needed, or once daily for prevention.

*Hold for 3-5 seconds for more tender areas. While maintaining pressure, massage the area in small clockwise circles up to five times, then take a short break. This massaging should move the tissue rather than simply rubbing the skin. Again, apply firm but comfortable pressure for up to a minute before resting the area. Repeat this process as many times as you want.

3. Maintain proper hydration

This is probably one of the most frequently recommended and underutilized massage therapist and bodyworker tips, and it cannot be overstated. Proper hydration promotes optimal tissue health, quality circulation, and aids in the elimination of toxins released into the bloodstream as a result of massage and other treatments. After all, our bodies are mostly made of water.


*If you are pregnant, there are areas that can help stimulate uterine contractions and should be avoided unless you are in labor and under the supervision of a professional MT or doula. Avoid applying deep pressure to the web of the hand while pregnant.

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