Focusing on Success (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

We all want to be successful, but many of us are more concerned with the prize of crossing the “success finish line” than with the race itself. We view success as a destination, oblivious to the fact that success is more of a structure, a system, and a practice. Consider the many successful people in our society who adhere to a strict set of practices on a daily basis in order to remain at the top. They do not confine their ideology to the idea that success is the goal. No. Rather, they see it as something that necessitates perseverance and ongoing effort. And this is why:

“Success is the accumulation of small efforts repeated day after day.” – Collier, Robert

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Continue reading to learn why success should not be your primary goal in life:

You will be dissatisfied

Everyone has the right to be happy. However, the road to success should not be based on the belief that you will only be happy if you arrive at your destination. For example, if you want to lose 300 pounds in three months, your happiness should not be contingent on whether or not you succeed. Your happiness should instead be found in the daily effort of working out and going to the gym. If you aim for success but don't achieve it, your daily life will be filled with worries and fatigue. When you find joy in the process of consistent daily practices that lead to your goals, you will become unstoppable.

You will not mature

Success does not happen overnight. Neither will a desire for specific outcomes cause them to occur overnight. Rather, we must put in the effort and persevere over time, building resilience and strength in the process. When we focus on success as an end goal, we lose sight of the process of making mistakes, learning from them, adapting to new ways of working, and improving on our existing strengths. Personal development is required if we are to be successful. This sometimes difficult process indicates that we are willing to commit to the task, the moment, and the process at hand.

You will not make any discoveries

Why do we want to succeed? Is it for the money, fame, or recognition from others that it can bring? Focusing solely on success can prevent us from discovering new opportunities, life-lessons, and experiences. Aiming for success also does not put us to the test in terms of what motivates us to succeed. At the end of the day, success should mean that we are having an impact or making a contribution to our world, rather than simply taking from it. Focusing on our values and what we learn along the way to success allows us to achieve meaningful rewards in life. Throughout this process, we also learn to embrace challenges and accept responsibility for making necessary changes in our world.

You will miss out on opportunities to express gratitude

Viewing success as a journey provides you with memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. You'll be grateful for the people you meet along the way, the vulnerable times, and the times when nothing seemed to make sense and you didn't think there was any way out. If success was your only goal, you would not have appreciated the tests and trials you went through. Rather, you would likely focus on them as failures. When you take success one step at a time, you appreciate it more deeply. This process also provides you with a more complete picture of where you've come from and where you're going. Fortunately, opportunities to be thankful arise frequently when you are able to achieve something you never thought possible through daily, consistent efforts.

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We live in a world where the media focuses on apparent instant success. However, you would not benefit as much from this type of success as you would if you had worked for it over time. Learn to enjoy the journey rather than the allure of the destination and to grow with each passing moment. Your daily efforts will be remembered as your legacy.

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