Forget the Past (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

People say it's critical to remember what you've done in the past so you can have evidence for how your life turns out. I believe that history is nothing but history. What you did in the past has absolutely no bearing on your future. We've all done things or been in situations that we're not proud of or happy with, and it's all a part of life.

I'll go over 5 easy ways to let go of the bad things that happened in the past and move on with your life

1. Alter your mindset

If you focus on the negative things that happened in the past, your life will take a negative turn. Your life follows the path of your dominant thoughts, so whatever you set your mind and focus on, that is what your life and emotions will follow. Instead of focusing on all the negative things that have happened in the past, all the heartbreaks, all the things you've lost, all the not-so-proud situations.

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Start recycling all of those negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones, such as, “I am going to be great, I am very intelligent, my history is nothing but history, what is ahead of me is great, nothing will stand in my way, I will be successful, I will not let my past tie me down.” If you wake up every day thinking and saying things like that loudly and boldly, you've got it. Nobody will be able to use your past against you before you know it because you are starting to let go.

2. Disconnect from some friends

There are some friends that we keep despite the fact that we know deep down that they are only slowing us down in life. It is not a crime to break off friendships if you believe they are delaying your life's purpose. Negative friends must leave in order for you to occupy your focus with positivity. You must distinguish yourself in order to achieve your goals. You must avoid friends who constantly remind you of the wrong things you've done in the past.

When I say “set yourself apart,” I mean tune out everything around you and focus solely on yourself and your vision. Doing so can be very lonely; in fact, it is a lonely situation, but it is a price you can afford to pay to be where you want to be.

3. Establish personal objectives for yourself

Setting goals for the future is one of the most important ways to forget about the negative things that happened in the past. You must recognize that it is not the end of the world and that you have unlimited potential to achieve greater things in life. Start picturing yourself doing big things in the future, such as going to school, getting that dream job, starting new businesses, finding your soul mate, and so on. Set long and short-term tram goals, assign deadlines, and track your progress.

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4. Develop the ability to forgive

The spirit of unforgiveness is one of the things that kills us emotionally and mentally. Holding a grudge against someone is the equivalent of eating poison and expecting someone else to die. We all think we're doing ourselves a favor by doing this, but it only serves to break us down emotionally. The only way to move on from the past is to forgive those who have wronged you. It doesn't matter how badly they've broken your heart; if you can look them in the eyes and say “I forgive you” with a smile (which can be difficult), you're breaking free from the cage you've locked yourself in. Replace the spirit of hatred with the spirit of love.

5. Give up trying to impress others

Have you ever felt as if no one understands you or why you make the decisions you do? If you answered yes, it's because they don't see what you do. You owe no one an explanation for doing whatever you want. You must stop seeking approval from others and begin to give notice whether they like it or not. You will never be able to please everyone; it is impossible.

Trying to please everyone leads to nothing but frustration. We may have all grown up believing that the best way to live our lives is to make everyone like us. It is simply not possible; no matter how good of a person you are, there will always be people who will not like you simply because they do not like you; this is also a part of life.


You can't move forward if you're still dwelling on the past. Can you imagine a track athlete competing in a 100m dash while carrying a heavy backpack? Yes, he will most likely finish the race, but he will not do so at the time that he was supposed to. Many of us are ready to run our race, to reach for the stars, but there is one thing we must first do: we must drop off that backpack full of shame, regrets, unhappiness, mistakes, failure, broken hearts, grudges, and so on. When you let go of that backpack, I promise you that your life's race will be much easier to run.

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