Friend Dad (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

You watch TV, ride bikes, and eat meals together. Even though you know all of his corny jokes by heart, they still make you laugh. He is always interested in your stories, and you have a great time together. You even feel at ease lying down next to him in your soiled pajamas. A really good male companion? Totally. Except your best friend is a few years older than you and you call him… Dad. What are the 16 tell-tale signs that your father is your best friend?

1. He is one of the people you have known for the longest time

He is and has always been present. Friendship can be measured by the amount of time spent together – and you've spent your entire life with him. Despite having a million other things to do, he was never too busy to help you when you really needed him. The time you've spent together has already given you more than enough reason to consider your father to be your best friend.

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2. He possesses knowledge and experience that none of your other friends possess

He is the person in whose opinion you have the most faith. You may have other friends and family, but when it comes to important advice, you always go to him. He can advise you on which career path to pursue, where to invest your first earnings, and what to wear on a date. You value his point of view more than anyone else's, and he's eager to assist you – from the bottom of his heart.

3. He is the person with whom you first made small discoveries about the world

You two have shared so many priceless moments together. You still miss your secret hideaways where you used to spend your free time together. He taught you so many life lessons, such as how to woodwork, how to climb a tree, and how to not care what other people think of you.

4. To cheer you up, he walked on all fours, pretending to be an animal

When you were upset, he would do the silliest things to make you feel better. Remember when he pretended to be a monster, put on ridiculous hats, and did anything to make you happy? He didn't stop clowning until your face shone with happiness because putting a smile on your face warmed his heart.

5. When your little feet hurt, he carried you on his hands

Who else on the planet would go out of their way to help you?

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6. He is always on your side

When you did something wrong, he took your side against your mother. He would go to any length to make you happy, and he could never say no to you.

7. He was the first person with whom you shared a beer

He knew you'd be an adult sooner than he expected, and that you'd be eager to try new things, even if they weren't necessarily good for you. He was patient and wise enough to be the first to show you – and to take care of you if necessary.

8. He preferred to sleep so he could pick you up from late-night parties

He was aware that teenagers do crazy things. He stayed up all night waiting for you to text him so he could pick you up and make sure you got home safely.

9. He witnessed all of your strange love feelings

When you wanted to hang a huge cheesy poster of the Backstreet Boys or Justin Bieber on your wall, you asked him for sticky tape. And he did it all without saying anything.

10. Even when your mother was terrified, he encouraged you to try crazy things

He understands young people's adventurous spirits. When your mother would have rather locked you in your room, he supported your solo trips, extreme sports, and other risky hobbies.

11. He was there for you the first time you experienced heartbreak

He was quiet when you spent the entire day locked in your room with a broken heart after your sweetheart rejected you at a school party. He wanted to find and torture anyone who even considered hurting you.

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12. He is the first person you contact

You know he'll answer the phone no matter what he's doing – or what time it is. You enjoy talking on the phone with him and telling him about your day. You call him when you're lonely, broke, unable to make a decision, or need help figuring out how to hang a picture on the wall…

13. He has high expectations of potential partners, making it difficult to find someone who will be as amazing as him

Having an amazing father is both a blessing and a hindrance. If you grew up with him, he is most likely your role model for men or people in general. How could you possibly take someone seriously who isn't as good as him and can't look after you as well as he did?

14. He enjoys socializing with your friends

He'll always find an excuse to pay you a visit when your friends are over. Spending time with people his age makes him feel younger, and he enjoys sharing his brilliant stories. Your friends think he's hilarious and enjoy drinking beers with him.

15. He is unchanging

He's solid as a rock. You may not have seen each other in a long time, but when you do, it's as if nothing has changed. He's always completely himself when he's around you; he's more genuine than anyone else.

16. He's the only person you can't imagine not having in your life

People come and go, and life changes all the time. When we're busy growing up, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that our parents are also getting older. We are fortunate to have them in our lives for a limited time, so don't take them for granted! If you recognize many of the signs I've listed, you're in luck: your father is your best friend. Make sure to thank him!

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