Hapless Romantic (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

The hopeless romantic is often thought of as the hapless romantic; the ill-fated lover wearing rose-colored glasses and constantly burdened by that crazy thing called love.

But beneath all of those rather unflattering descriptions is a solid and steadfast heart of gold; one of strength that refuses to let the world's ills taint their hopes. They're romantics, dreamers, and idealists, but they're not hopeless. Instead, their true identity is contained within the ‘hope-full.'

So here are ten reasons why these love guardians should be treasured!

They are hoping for the best

True optimists, they are a glass-half-full bunch who, rather than becoming cynical in the aftermath of heartbreak, choose to believe that everything happens for a reason, or for a season. Sure, it probably hurts like nothing else, and they deal with it appropriately, but once they've gotten over the pain, they get back up, as hopeful and positive as ever.

They are adamant

Nothing motivates them more than the belief they have in love. To most people, love is merely a romanticized concept, but to the hopeless romantic, love represents so much more. They have a strong willed personality as a result of their determination to find love, which helps them fight through the day-to-day, hoping for something great and wonderful. This means they don't give up at the first hurdle, but instead persevere and put their entire being into making things work. They're in it for the long haul.

They are thinkers and problem solvers

They want to make things better in a relationship. They wish they could take your pain away and will go to great lengths to ensure you do not suffer. The hopeless romantic is your go-to friend for advice (and hugs!) Their ability to find solutions where others cannot is extremely impressive, making the hopeless romantic the person everyone should have in their corner as a partner and friend.

They understand when to give you space

They are all too familiar with heartbreak and appreciate all aspects of love, particularly those that necessitate alone time to heal. They are not interested in putting you under pressure or hastening the process of recovery or forgiveness. Instead, they let time and love do their work, knowing that your heart will mend and you will be ready to fight again soon.

They provide a unique viewpoint

As a friend, they will suggest that you see things from the other person's perspective, asking you to be completely honest with yourself, which will help you move on from heartbreak. As a partner, they will encourage you to express yourself while also attempting to see things from your perspective. This balanced approach not only makes for excellent therapy, but it also promotes healing.

They know exactly what they're looking for

Being hopeful allows them to connect with the part of themselves that refuses to accept anything less than what they deserve. They are adamant about what they want, but more importantly, what they don't want. They are certain in their pursuit of the genuine article and refuse to waste time on a “maybe.” They will follow their desires if it means they will be able to spend the rest of their lives with their soul mate. It is not an option to settle.

They will fight when you are unable to

As a friend, they understand why you might want to avoid the whole love thing, or why you've put up that protective layer (read: wall!) to keep people from trampling all over your heart again, but they're also aware that wall might be keeping out your soul mate. So they work with you, day and night, to create a little side door through which only true love is allowed to pass. And, while you rest, they will keep an eye out for any intruders attempting to scale the wall. You have been forewarned!

They aren't just for show

They are not, contrary to popular belief, shallow. In fact, their desire for true love, rather than flings, puts them in an ideal position to see beyond a potential mate's surface and see the beauty that lies beneath. This ability also serves them well when determining whether or not a potential love is right for them. The ability to distinguish and decipher reality from fiction is what allows them to seek out true love when others may be perplexed by it all. They can delve deep enough to discover the true person beneath the surface.

They are forthright about who they are and what they desire

They don't feel compelled to conceal their true feelings from you. They don't see vulnerability as a problem because it's their strength, and they respect themselves enough not to have to lie about what they truly want from a relationship. There's no pretending they're fine with just hooking up when what they really want is an exclusive relationship, or pretending they're fine with just living together when what they really want is marriage.

They don't hold anything back

They'll say they love you and mean it. They will treat you as if you are a precious gift, and you will not have to ask. They'll lavish you with attention. There is no limit to how special they want you to feel. You will feel completely and utterly loved and adored when you are with them. When they're with you, they're really with you.

The best part is that it's all genuine for this not-so-hopeless romantic. What could be better?

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