Why Holding Hands Is Good (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Holding hands is something we see and do on a daily basis. It can be used to represent friendship, love, or marriage. Despite this, this minor, everyday behavior causes chemical reactions in our brains that make us feel loved, happy, cared for, and respected.

Nonverbal communication is increasingly important in understanding human behavior. Holding hands is one of the most basic ways we can have a positive impact on our lives. When we hold hands, the nerves in our skin communicate with our central nervous system, causing hormones to be released that make us feel pleasant and warm. Of course, there's a lot more to it, and new studies are still being conducted to investigate the positive psychological effects of human touch today.

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Here are seven benefits of holding hands that you may not have known about: 1. Holding hands with your significant other is a great stress reliever. Holding hands with your significant other lowers the level of a stress hormone called cortisol. Even a friendly or teammate's touch can make us feel more content, connected, or better about ourselves. When we are stressed, a light touch on our hand can help relieve both physical and mental strain. When cortisol is present in our bloodstream, our skin becomes more sensitive, so the touch of a helping hand has a much greater impact. The hands and fingertips actually have the highest concentration of nerve endings.

So, the next time you're having a particularly difficult day, get together with your partner or a friend and share your stress with them.

2. Holding hands increases love and bonding Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for this benefit. Oxytocin improves empathy and communication between partners in a relationship, which has been shown to be a factor in long-lasting, happy relationships. Holding hands with your partner will improve your relationship and create a bond that will have a significant impact on the quality of your relationship.

Couples in happy relationships hold hands automatically, sometimes without even realizing it, as a result of a nervous system habit. Holding hands releases oxytocin, a hormone that makes us feel happier and more loved.

3. Holding hands is beneficial to your heart. In addition to relieving stress, holding hands with your partner lowers blood pressure, which is a major contributor to heart disease. When we clasp our fingers with our loved ones, we are not only relieving stress and improving our relationships; we are also providing a soothing sensation that benefits our hearts. A study published in Behavioral Medicine backs up this claim that the power of a warm touch extends beyond the health benefits to the heart.

4. Holding hands relieves pain Humans have a natural reflex to tighten their muscles when they are in pain. Consider childbirth: husbands are typically present in the delivery room, holding their wife's hand as she goes through labor. The reflex to grab our partner's hand comes naturally: it's always easier to bear pain when you're holding hands with your soulmate.

5. Holding hands combats fear Remember that terrifying scene in the last horror film you saw that made you want to jump out of your seat? Fortunately, your darling was nearby to hold your hand and make you feel secure. The human brain uses adrenaline to respond to sudden stimulation; this stimulation causes our blood to pump and high levels of cortisol to be released throughout our bodies.

Our natural reaction in these situations is to hold hands with someone we trust. It varies from person to person, but the majority of women will grab their partner's hand right away. That is the natural way to deal with nerves.

6. Holding hands provides a sense of security For young children, simple hand holding provides a source of safety and comfort. Remember when your parents showed you how to cross the street or led you down a crowded sidewalk? Or when you were first learning to ride a bike? When we have a hand to hold, we lose our insecurity and are able to overcome obstacles more easily. The security that parents provide for their children by holding hands shapes their behavior and way of thinking.

Furthermore, the sensation of safety is reciprocal; parents feel safer when their children are within their grasp.

7. Everyone enjoys the feeling of being held in their arms. While talking a walk with your loved one, the sensation of holding hands often provides a comfortable feeling. Holding hands inside a jacket pocket to warm them up on those cold December nights when you decide to go for a walk in the snow with your partner is a great example. We enjoy holding hands even when wearing gloves. It connects us; it gives us pleasant sensations and allows us to spend quality time with people we care about.

How often do you and your partner hold hands?

Holding hands is a stress reliever, a source of security, and a pain reliever. Do you find it relaxing to hold hands with someone? You now have seven reasons to do it more frequently.

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