How Do You Know if You Love Yourself (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

One characteristic shared by confident, successful, and happy people is the ability to fall in love with themselves and prioritize self-care. Richard Branson sees a winner when he looks in the mirror. How many of these self-love behaviors do you practice?

1. You Rejoice in Your Success

You aren't afraid to admit when you've made a mistake because mistakes are just hiccups on the road to success. And when you achieve success, you give yourself a pat on the back. A small glass of champagne, a happy dance, or even a high five to the mirror will suffice. Reminding yourself on a daily basis of all the wonderful things you do reinforces the things you should do more of and motivates you to persevere when success appears elusive.

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2. You Know Exactly What You Want and Aren't Afraid to Request It

The first step is to know what you want. Knowing what you like is the first step toward having a strong sense of who you are. If you're not sure what you like, start with what you don't like and assume that the polar opposite is your preference. Once you've decided what you want, be confident and assertive in asking for it. If you don't ask, you'll never know.

3. You are aware of your own strengths and weaknesses

A self-actualized person is aware of both his or her own strengths and weaknesses. They play to their strengths and find a team to help them with their weaknesses. I know I'm an idea person, and my husband is an excellent planner, so together we're more capable than apart.

4. You Have a Strong Sense of Purpose

People who love and care for themselves have a greater capacity to recognize and act on their purpose or dharma. Spending time on self-care is an excellent way to re-boot your connection to purpose and recharge your energy to keep moving forward if you are feeling a lack of direction or purpose.

5. You Have a Lot of Connections

When you love yourself, others are drawn to you like moths to a flame. This enables you to form strong bonds with your friends and family. People who have a strong social connection, according to positive psychology expert Dascher Keltner, are happier.

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6. You enjoy experiencing intense emotions

A cheesy commercial or seeing an elderly couple holding hands at the mall may overwhelm you. These emotions are wonderful, and instead of suppressing them, you have learned to love them, understanding that how you feel is your body's way of telling you what you want or don't want in life.

7. You Pay Attention to Your Body

You don't subscribe to the latest diet fad, but you recognize what feels good for you both physically and emotionally, and you prioritize what feels right to you.

8. You believe in your instincts

Trusting your intuition is an important part of listening to your body. When you have a gut feeling, you should believe it. You understand that your instincts are usually correct, even when they contradict popular opinion. You are aware that you are your own best expert.

9. Your Appearance Does Not Define You

This isn't to say you don't look great. Your focus is more on how you want to feel, which means you often look beautiful because you feel beautiful. You exude a magnetic energy that attracts those around you.

10. You Have a Fantastic Sense of Style

It could be trendy, retro, bright and bold colors, or chic black. Whatever your personal style is, you wear it because you enjoy it, and it shows.

11. You fuel your body with sleep and nutritious foods

According to Martha Beck, Oprah's life coach, “rest until you feel like playing, then play until you feel like resting.” You also understand that occasionally splurging on a treat is a wonderful reward. Being healthy does not preclude you from enjoying the occasional chocolate treat. You are aware that moderation is preferable to restriction.

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12. You enjoy spending time outside

When you are feeling depleted, nature can lift your spirits and recharge you. You understand that a walk on the beach or through the woods is just as good for you as a massage.

13. You are genuine

You are telling the truth. This does not imply that you are brutally honest. It does mean that if a friend wants an honest opinion, she can get it from you. Because you are caring, kind, and compassionate, authenticity feels good coming from you.

14. You Always Admit When

You're Wrong, and why shouldn't you? You understand that mistakes are unavoidable, but the quickest way to correct them is to accept responsibility and move on.

15. You Have High Expectations

Your thoughts manifest into your reality. When you expect the best, you often get it. And you always respond with thanks.

16. You don't cling to the past

You are not bound by the past. You recognize that dwelling on the past prevents you from progressing. If you are expending all of your energy holding on to the past, you will not be able to embrace the present.

17. You Have Amazing Stories

People who look after themselves have a rich tapestry of personal history. They are pleased with who they are and how they came to be that way. They are aware of their own evolution and can tell inspiring stories that inspire others to keep dreaming and daring.

18. You Surround Yourself With Inspiring People

You appreciate having people in your life who love and care for themselves. You have wonderful conversations about your dreams and goals, and you instantly have a cheering section for your next adventure.

19. You do not keep items for special occasions

When you buy a new dress or purse, you don't save it for the “perfect occasion.” You recognize that this is the best time to be joyful.

20. You like the person you see in the mirror

Whether you're going to the beach or a black-tie event, you like how you look and how you feel in your own skin.

My morning meditation is my favorite self-care routine. I also enjoy getting a pedicure on occasion. So, how about you? What do you do to put yourself first?

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