How to Be Eloquent (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

We can all benefit from becoming more eloquent public speakers, no matter what industry we work in. It is critical to constantly strive to improve our communication and interpersonal skills. Whether we're addressing a crowd of thousands or just a few dozen coworkers, the basic principle remains the same: when addressing a large group of people at once, getting our message across accurately and memorably is critical to success.

There is a word that perfectly describes public speaking: eloquence. Eloquence is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the ability to speak or write well and effectively.” “[eloquence is] discourse marked by force and persuasiveness; also: the art or power of using such discourse,” it continues.

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How can you hone your public speaking abilities and become a more eloquent speaker? Fortunately, there are numerous brain hacks available to assist you in mastering the art. Let's take a look at five of them:

1. Every day, learn (and use) a new word

Our first brain hack is deceptively simple: learn and apply a new word every day. Though it's easy to picture yourself succeeding at this seemingly simple task, it does require some effort.

For one thing, you are unlikely to be in a social situation that allows you to use the word esurient. Also, it's difficult to remember what you had for breakfast in the morning, so remembering to use a new word can be difficult.

But if you stick with it and keep putting in the effort, you'll soon find yourself enjoying the daily challenge. It will pay dividends when you are in a public speaking situation and need to find the right words on the fly.

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2. Practice Speaking Without Preparation

Public speaking does not always necessitate the preparation of a speech. In many cases, there isn't enough time to prepare. Even if you have plenty of time ahead of time, it is critical not to over-plan your speech. Audiences prefer to be engaged with rather than read to. It is critical to approach public speaking as a conversation rather than a poetry reading.

A debate expert, Martha Ebeling, compiled a list of Ten Commandments for extemporaneous speaking. The first two of the ten are the most important: exude confidence and relax. It's sound advice.

The most difficult obstacle to becoming a truly eloquent speaker is becoming nervous. To get there, you must believe in yourself, believe in your knowledge, and most importantly, learn to relax and be at ease with your situation. Positive self-talk is an excellent brain hack for accomplishing this.

3. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

This principle, affectionately known as KISS, is widely taught to anyone working in a communication-intensive field. For good reason, writers, salespeople, and public speakers swear by it.

Simple speech leaves a greater impression on the listener. While it's tempting to think that flowery language is the key to eloquent speaking, all too often it's the opposite: superfluous adjectives in the middle of prose only serve to distract from your point, and the only impression you'll leave with your audience is that you're a bit of a windbag.

That isn't to say that flowery language can't improve your delivery — it absolutely can. This is the distinction between effective and truly eloquent public speaking. It exists to add an enchanting sophistication to your speech, and it should be unexpected, memorable, and, most importantly, rare.

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So, what exactly is the brain hack here? It's the simple realization that you don't have to overdo it. Worrying about every word in every sentence adds unnecessary stress to your thought process, and your ability as a speaker suffers as a result. As a result, be free of this burden. Speak plainly and allow your flourishes to emerge naturally.

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