How to Be Happy No Matter What (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

“Most people are only as happy as they choose to be.” – President Abraham Lincoln

Happiness is a choice; you can choose to be sad when things are going well for you, or you can choose to be happy even when nothing seems to be going right. To be happy all of the time, you must make happiness a habit rather than an act. The following points, I believe, will show you how to be happy no matter what happens.

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Be Thankful

Gratitude is a sign of appreciation, and you should be grateful for your life. Every morning, acknowledge that someone died the night before but you didn't, or that someone did not wake up but you did. Let me give you a little exercise: the next time you feel like everything is against you and there is nothing to be thankful for, pick up a pen and a piece of paper and make a list of things you should be thankful for, such as, I woke up this morning, I have food on my table, clothes to wear, I have a good paying job even though my boss is a jerk, the skies are beautiful, and the attic is warm. I guarantee you will feel better by the time you finish this little exercise.

Exercise on a regular basis

Stressing our bodies and minds can lead to unhappiness. Scientists believe that 20 minutes of exercise can make you happy no matter how down you are. Exercise causes your heart rate to increase and causes a surge of hormonal changes.

As your heart begins to pound, certain hormones are released that produce a sense of total well-being, and you begin to feel better; the mind stress is gone, and everything is under control. Another thing you can do is go for a walk; this always works for me. When you go for a walk, you can think about issues that are bothering you and come up with solutions to them.

Make someone happy

“The best way to lift your spirits is to try to lift the spirits of others.” Mark Twain

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You reap what you sow when you sow happiness. Mother Teresa understood this secret so well that she dedicated her life to helping others, even if it meant simply putting a smile on someone's face. “A life not lived for others is not a life; let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.”

Be positive

Change is unavoidable, and no situation lasts forever. When you are feeling sad or depressed, remember that it is only a passing phase and that tomorrow will be better; tough times do not last, but tough people do. Be optimistic and cultivate a positive attitude.

Act as if you are content

Even when you're down, keep a positive attitude. Emotions follow when the body acts. A smile is free, but it creates a lot of value; it enriches those who receive it while impoverishing those who give it. Learn to always smile; it will not only make you happy, but it will also win you happy friends.

Maintain Contact with Friends

I was feeling sad and depressed at work one Friday morning and didn't know what to do, so I approached a friend and we started talking; I shared my burden with her, and we had a brief conversation. I knew why I wasn't happy and what I needed to do by the time I finished pouring my heart out to her. Don't be afraid to express your emotions to your friends; it works.

How do you maintain your happiness in the face of adversity? Share your experiences and thoughts on any of the aforementioned topics with us.

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