How to Be More Considerate of Others & Yourself

Being considerate may appear to be an undervalued virtue these days. We are frequently rewarded for prioritizing ourselves, but being considerate can go a long way. People are more likely to reciprocate positive actions when you act positively toward them, thanks to the “reciprocity effect.” Here is a list of 20 things that considerate people do not do. Are you guilty of any of the following?

1. They do not believe that life is a zero-sum game

Considerate people have a different perspective on life, and they don't see it as a win-or-lose situation. They recognize that life is plentiful, so they spread joy and kindness as if it were infinite. When LeBron James‘ alumni high school's gym needed an upgrade, he generously donated a million dollars to make it happen. Talk about a plethora!

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2. They do not say the first thing that comes to mind

People who are considerate always think before they speak. They are brutally honest, but they express themselves in such a tactful and thoughtful manner that people are not offended by what they have to say.

3. They do not ask awkward questions

Considerate people dislike making others uncomfortable. A considerate person will not ask super personal or awkward questions. They are concerned about how others feel and go out of their way to make them feel at ease in all situations.

4. They are never late

They recognize that time is a valuable resource and that arriving late demonstrates a lack of regard for others. Marilyn Monroe did not appear to value punctuality, as she was quoted as saying, “I am invariably late for appointments – sometimes as much as two hours.” I've tried to change my ways, but the things that cause me to be late are too powerful and too appealing.” Don't be a Marilyn, and arrive on time.

5. They do not pass judgment on you

Considerate people understand that passing judgment on others is a surefire way to prevent them from confiding in you in the future, so they simply listen without passing judgment. They understand the value of a secret and the willingness to listen to someone in need.

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6. They do not provide you with unwarranted advice

Considerate people don't mind giving advice, but they have a sixth sense for when it is or isn't necessary. They will not speak out of turn or give advice to someone who is simply venting after a long day.

7. They don't take acts of kindness lightly

Considerate people express their gratitude when someone acts kindly toward them, resulting in a positive feedback loop that benefits both themselves and the other person. Angelina Jolie understands the significance of expressing gratitude to her fans. Angelina ran to the side of a fan who had been standing in the cold for hours to catch a glimpse of the star when she had a panic attack.

8. They do not exclude anyone

Considerate people always introduce strangers and make an effort to engage as many people as possible in a conversation. They are acutely aware of the importance of including everyone in any type of social interaction in order to ensure that no one is left out.

When a school for the deaf was disqualified from winning a Taylor Swift concert on campus due to pranksters voting on their behalf, Taylor Swift personally donated $10,000 to the school and gave students free tickets to her concert.

9. They don't lose their cool easily

Considerate people may become irritated, but instead of raising their voice or walking away, they know how to control their emotions so that they can act rationally and objectively. Oprah Winfrey, the media mogul, is well-known for regularly meditating to calm both the mind and the nerves.

10. They do not constantly talk about themselves

They recognize that people enjoy talking about themselves and do not allow their ego to get in the way of that. Instead, they let others talk about themselves however they see fit.

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11. They do not make assumptions

Considerate people, unlike many others, do not assume they know your entire story. Instead, they actively listen and participate, asking pertinent questions.

12. They do not always prioritize themselves

They are willing to put the needs of others ahead of their own. Keanu Reeves famously gave $80 million to the “The Matrix” special effects crew as a “thank you” gesture for their hard work.

13. They don't make the assumption that you like what they like

They do not believe that everyone has similar tastes or preferences. They understand that just because they enjoy a certain type of movie or food does not imply that you will as well. They are more than willing to consider the possibility of others having different interests.

14. They do not overlook significant life events

They do not overlook birthdays, anniversaries, or other significant life events. They are always present at life's most important events. When “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston learned that a fan of his was suffering from brain cancer, he jumped on a 30-minute Skype call with the teen and sent an ice cream truck to his house.

15. They do not exaggerate anything

Considerate people don't get worked up over trivial matters. They don't see problems as huge obstacles, but rather as challenges. They understand that exaggerating minor issues will only make you feel worse. When Kellie Pickler's friend was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy, she shaved her head to show her support, and when asked about it, she simply said, “it's just hair!”

16. They don't believe they know everything

People who are considerate do not pretend to know the secrets of the universe. Rather, they ask you how you're feeling and get your perspective first. When Carrie Underwood felt she wasn't performing at her best, she wasn't afraid to admit it. She not only admitted that she wasn't at her best, but she also donated the concert proceeds to the local community!

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17. They do not criticize harshly

They will give you honest feedback while maintaining a positive relationship and demonstrating that they genuinely care.

18. They do not associate kindness with weakness

While some people believe that kindness is a sign of weakness, considerate people understand that it brings joy to themselves and their community. Following an enjoyable stay at a New York City hotel, Kanye West and Jay-Z treated the hotel staff to VIP treatment at their concert.

19. They do not interrupt you

Before entering into a conversation, considerate people allow others to fully express themselves. They frequently consider others, particularly when others are speaking for themselves.

20. They are not afraid to give people the benefit of the doubt

Considerate people understand that life is short and that things happen. Instead of blaming or jumping to conclusions, they give people the benefit of the doubt, which keeps their relationships positive and healthy.

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