How to Be Social as an Introvert (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

If you are an introvert, you are aware that your natural instincts do not motivate you to go out and socialize with others. However, you still enjoy spending time with others when it is appropriate — and you value having good friends in your circle.

Introverts don't like to socialize much, but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy spending time with others. Continue reading to learn three strategies for becoming more social as an introvert.

1. Recognize Your Friendship Preferences

People make friends in a variety of ways. Some people prefer only close friendships, whereas others prefer both close and casual friendships. There is also the type of person who prefers not to have close friends at all, preferring instead to have fun friends and contacts and confide in family members.

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Close friendships will take longer to form than casual friendships. Knowing this, you must pay attention to other people and ask yourself if they have the time and are willing to commit to being your close friend. That being said, you may meet wonderful people, but you will not be able to make friends with them unless your friendship preferences are compatible.

2. Choose Your Social Rituals Wisely

Because your instincts do not influence you to go socialize, you must be proactive and create a few conditions that will allow you to be more social without having to think about it too much.

Setting social rituals is a great way to do this: a weekly ritual that reminds you to take an hour and follow up with people you know, and a monthly ritual that allows you to meet new people.

With your weekly ritual, which is nothing more than a calendar reminder, you set aside one hour to call, text, or email people you have an active friendship with, or people you met recently and want to see again. This allows you to complete everything at once and enjoy the rest of your week knowing that you are not ignoring people. This also allows you to reconnect with new people in your life.

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Your monthly ritual is to join a club or interest group that organizes monthly events where you can meet new people. You won't be changing clubs every month; instead, you'll find a good one and stick with it. To make it even more effective, try to join the organizing team; this will almost force you to attend every time.

With these two rituals, you'll always stay in touch with important and potential friends, and you'll be able to control the pace of your social life.

3. Make your social life work for you

There is a shift in your thinking about friendship that can drastically reduce the amount of effort required to build a social circle. The shift is from concentrating on individual friends to concentrating on groups of friends.

As you make new friends, quickly introduce them to one another and form groups. It's a lot easier than keeping up with dozens of people who don't know each other.

It may appear to be a minor change, but when you try it, it completely transforms your social life. Your social circle expands much faster when you have friends who know each other. People you know begin making plans with everyone in the group. They communicate with everyone else so that you don't have to call everyone and manage everything.

If you have a small group of two or three friends, you can keep them and focus on meeting new people and expanding your social circle. If you have a dozen contacts who don't know each other, you'll have to keep reaching out and calling everyone to stay on top of things.

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Follow this two-step formula to simplify your life:

Discover New Friendships and Reconnect with Existing Friends

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