How to Get Motivated (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Lack of motivation is one of the most difficult barriers to overcome when it comes to achieving goals. Motivation is what fuels us to accomplish our goals. However, finding the motivation to make things happen is difficult for some people. And, it is completely okay to feel that way!

When you are finding it difficult to finish a task, or even begin one, you have to figure out what’s causing this in the first place. Then you have to come up with a strategy that will help you get motivated. From practicing self-love to taking a break, there are just many ways to combat the lack of motivation.

In this article, I’m going to delve deeper into the issues that cause a lack of motivation and ways that can help to get and stay motivated. Stick around till the end to know more about how to get motivated!

Reasons for Lacking Motivation

Lack of motivation can stand in the way of doing something productive. To cure your lack of motivation, you have to figure out what is causing it in the first place. If you're finding it really hard to care because you're lacking motivation, one of these factors mentioned below could be to blame.

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1. Feeling Overwhelmed

When you have a lot on your plate, the feeling of tiredness takes over, causing your mind and body to shut down. If you feel there is a lot to do, you might not even want to start. Instead of working to get things done, you find comfort in not doing anything at all.

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If this is the case, breaking your work into smaller chunks can come in handy. By completing each small task, you will feel like you’ve done something before becoming tired and procrastinating. That will give you the motivation to take on the next tasks.

2. Mental Health Issues

Depression tends to rob you of your energy and motivation. So does ADHD. Even doing the smallest of tasks takes so much strength when your mental health is not stable. People with mental health issues have a lack of dopamine, which is considered to be why they are incapable of staying motivated.

Receiving treatment from a licensed therapist is perhaps the most important step toward regaining motivation when you have depression or ADHD. Keep in mind that if left untreated, your underlying mental health problems may cause more damage in the long run.

3. Leading an Unhealthy Lifestyle

So many problems in life stem from leading an unhealthy lifestyle. So many people live under the impression that eating junk food or staying up late till midnight makes people happy, leaving them with a sense of motivation. But in reality, it just happens to add to the problem, let alone solve it.

Whether it's lack of sleep, poor eating habits, or not exercising enough, it only makes burnout or lack of motivation worse. Once you start leading a healthier lifestyle, your body will be functioning better and your mind will be at peace. And, when your mind is at peace, motivating yourself gets much easier.

4. Procrastination

The more you procrastinate, the less motivated you will be to get anything done. It can be the other way around as well. When you lack motivation, procrastinating may seem tempting.

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Procrastination stems from past experiences of doing difficult work. Your brain stores memory of doing something difficult as an emotion, and apparently doing similar tasks later tend to trigger that emotion. This can lead you to not wanting to work or push it aside.

It is important to get to the root of the issue in order to sort it out. Procrastinating can also be an underlying symptom of anxiety and depression. You might want to reach out to a therapist if you find yourself procrastinating every now and then.

5. Burnout

Lack of motivation is one of the most common symptoms of burnout. It means so much more than just getting tired of work. When work keeps piling up, you may find it taxing to do anything. And, when work calls for so much energy, feeling drained and emotionally exhausted is absolutely normal.

If you don’t want the feeling of burnout to wreak havoc on your motivation, overcoming it is the only way out. Taking small breaks throughout the day, or taking a trip to somewhere nice might come in handy in this case

Tips to Motivate Yourself

If you have been in an unmotivated rut for as long as you can remember, below is a list of things that will help you get back on track!

1. Change Your Environment

Many of us don’t put in the effort to make our rooms look nice. But, your living space has a far greater influence on you than you may realize. It’s the only place where you spend most of your time; unwinding and doing things that make you feel good. This is also where a lot of your important thinking and decision takes place.

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If you are going to spend so much time in your room, don't you think taking the decor of it a notch higher might be a good idea? Giving your room a makeover doesn't have to be as stressful as some make it out to be. Sometimes incorporating plants or string lights into the room can do the trick.

You can DIY a vision board and hang it on your wall as well! Vision boards are really effective in reminding you of your goals each time you feel down. The same goes for uplifting quote posters and wall hangings. Just do whatever it takes to turn your room into a place where you savor every moment of being in it!

2. Take A Break

Sometimes we get so caught up in the work that we forget to take a step back and take time for ourselves. If you are wondering why you have been feeling so drained lately and how to get motivated again, taking a break is the way to go.

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Working for long stretches without breaks leads to stress and exhaustion. It can also take a toll on your mental health and thus, leave you feeling unmotivated.

Avoiding burnout can change your life for the better. Whether it’s a five-minute break in between work or a week-long trip to somewhere nice out of the city, taking a break will allow you to work to the best of your abilities. It will freshen up your mind, restore your energy and help you become more motivated than ever.

3. Start Romanticizing Your Life

Romanticizing your life can help you see the world in a more positive light. You don’t have to have a picture-perfect life to do that. Romanticize your trip to work or college, reading a subject you don’t like, or making dinner with whatever you have in the fridge. Try to find beauty even in the most mundane thing.

When you try to be excited in everything you do, you start living your life to the fullest. And, that’s when you start looking forward to each and every day. Being motivated becomes much easier when you are genuinely looking forward to your day. And, when excited about your day, your chances of being productive elevates to a greater level.

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But remember not to mask reality while seeing everything in a positive light. Let go of the idea that everything has to be perfect. Give your best effort to make each day productive and worthwhile.

4. Set Your Goals

Setting a goal is like choosing the path you will take. And, having a path will give you a guide in reaching the destination. It helps you plan where you want to go in life and keeps you motivated to turn your vision into reality.

When it comes to goal-setting, the first thing you should do is find out what drives you and write it down. To achieve your goals, you should have a system that will help you keep on track. Having a look at your goals will force you to act and help you prioritize your actions.

However, make sure not to work on multiple goals at once. It will split your focus and make you feel overwhelmed. If you lose focus along the way, being motivated will become way harder than it already is.

5. Practice Self-Compassion

Some tend to believe that the secret to motivation is being harsh on yourself. But motivation doesn't work that way. Beating yourself up for no apparent reason will do no good rather than causing harm. Practicing self-compassion will do the job instead.

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Self-love is not about fixing yourself, rather falling in love with the parts of yourself you are trying to fix. Once you start accepting yourself for who you are, moving forward becomes so easy. And, when your opinion about yourself goes up, you will stop seeking validation or attention from others and get motivated to do things that will help you.

How to Stay Motivated

The determination to stay motivated is indeed more difficult than being motivated in the first place. It is rather easy and common to lose motivation in the middle of a task, with all these distractions around.

But fear not as there are some tricks that will do wonders for assisting you in remaining motivated. Scroll down below to know how to stay motivated even during the most challenging situations.

1. Plot Your Progress

Inspiration not only comes from watching other people achieve things but also from seeing yourself making progress. It's fairly easy to track your goals as they're easy to measure and have an endpoint.

When you are working toward a goal, seeing evidence that you're moving in the right direction can be quite motivating. Especially if you have been in a slump for a very long time. Visualize how close you are to meeting your target. This will definitely help you remain motivated.

2. Reward Yourself

People tend to look forward to accomplishing a certain task in order to achieve a reward or any incentive. Try rewarding yourself each time you finish a task that seemed unattainable at first. Each time you win a reward, your body produces dopamine, making you feel good about yourself.

The reward can be either eating a chocolate, extra gaming time or buying something expensive that you've been wanting to buy for quite some time. It will boost your motivation, all the while making you happy.

3. Surround Yourself With Positive People

Your surroundings affect your overall being in more ways than you can imagine. If the people in your life are not that motivated, the chances of you doing something with the rush of adrenaline running through your veins are very slim.

There is just something magical about the aura of positive people that can motivate you to achieve the impossible. When you surround yourself with them, you'll feel much better about yourself. You'll feel energized and you won't be as stressed out as before.

So, if you want to stay motivated, having a bunch of supportive and positive friends or family members that you can turn to in any situation is important.

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4. Visualize Yourself Succeeding

When thinking about your goal, it's only natural for you to imagine all of the obstacles that you'll have to overcome. However, we allow ourselves to fear these obstacles so much that they stand in the way of progress. And, that’s how we get used to settling for less.

Imagination has such great powers. It not only assists you in visualizing your success but also in accomplishing them. There's nothing in this world that can stop you once you're hooked on the idea of being able to turn your ideas into reality. And, visualizing yourself succeeding once in a while will definitely help you with that.

5. Be Optimistic

When you have a positive outlook on life, remaining motivated becomes so much easier. Being optimistic allows you to look forward to your achievements and go easy on yourself. Even if your goal appears to be impossible to complete, an optimistic attitude will help you keep on track no matter how big the hurdles are.

In a world where getting into the spiral of negativity is easier than ever, remaining optimistic during critical times is a blessing and a triumph in itself. To train yourself to be an optimist, surrounding yourself with positive people, and counting your blessings will do the job.

Advice on Getting Things Done

The determination to stay motivated is indeed more difficult than being motivated in the first place. It is rather easy and common to lose motivation in the middle of a task, with all these distractions around.

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But fear not as there are some tricks that will do wonders for assisting you in remaining motivated. Scroll down below to know how to stay motivated even during the most challenging situations.

1. Start with Baby Steps

Good things take time and patience. Every task has a starting point. Sometimes accomplishing a task in a single run might seem hard. And, just the thought of it can make you feel demotivated.

Starting with baby steps can help you in this case. Go easy on yourself and take your time. Keep reminding yourself that it’s always better to do something than doing nothing at all. Once you master the art of doing small tasks, there’s no breaking point.

2. Break Work into Smaller Tasks

A desk piled high with papers isn't the most amazing sight to look at when you're trying to work. It's natural for this to look like a burden you don't want on your shoulders. To avoid such situations, try breaking down the larger tasks into smaller ones.

Don't throw yourself into an endless loop of procrastination. Start with the easier ones, and work your way up to tasks that are more difficult. The silver lining of breaking one big task into smaller tasks is, it will seem more manageable to finish and you will feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing each task.

3. To-do list

Some things are important, some things are less important, and some things are not important at all. Try to draw a distinction between tasks that need to be done right away and things that can wait. Creating a to-do list can help you with that.

It will allow you to set your priorities right, allowing you to tackle your progress every single day. Your task doesn't necessarily have to be time-consuming or massive to get a place on your list. It can be unique or insignificant as well.

Got an appointment with a client? Add it to the list. Do you need to practice how to get motivated to eat healthy? Add that too! These little tasks will not only help you do more on a daily basis but also help you achieve much bigger goals as well!

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4. The 10-minutes Rule

Beating procrastination is somewhat similar to driving a car. It takes some real effort to start the car, but once you start it, it doesn't take much effort to keep it rolling.

Contrary to popular belief, most of us aren't slackers when it comes to being productive. It turns out that most of us are unproductive because of the fear of getting started. But, once you overcome the fear, you're good to go. The 10-minute rule is a wildly popular trick that helps with the fear of getting started.

All you have to do is set your timer for 10 minutes. And get started on that thing on the to-do list that you've been putting off for a while. Work for 10 minutes at a stretch. Once the timer hits, take two minutes off work.

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It can be looking out from a window, reading a page of your favorite book, getting a cup of coffee, texting a friend, or bopping to your favorite song. Once the break is over, repeat the whole thing again. Your productivity will shoot through the roof almost instantly.

5. Create a Work Playlist

The perfect soundtrack to your life is just a playlist away. Listening to music can help you stay motivated and focused by releasing serotonin into your brain. Even scientists seem to agree on the fact that different music helps with different moods. While soft and slow-paced songs can help you study, upbeat music works best when you are working out.

Good music will hype you up even when you don't feel like working. To create the perfect all you have to do is compile some of your favorite songs that set your soul on fire. And, with the umpteenth number of music available online, the job is now easier than ever!

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Working on Something

To remain motivated, you have to get rid of habits that are holding you back. Below is a list of things you need to give up in order to remain motivated when working on something.

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1. Use Social Media

Social media is almost like a coping mechanism to escape from real life. It’s a slow poison that can consume your energy little by little on a daily basis. It forces us to compare ourselves to others, and as you already know, comparisons are the thief of joy.

When you are trying to get better, the last thing you need to do is watch other people rubbing their achievements under your nose. Social media makes you put a standard for your happiness rather than making you feel grateful for the privilege you already have. Not to mention, it also fills the mind with junk and negativity.

That is exactly why going down the rabbit hole of social media won’t be a great idea if you want to stay motivated. As tempting as loitering around on social media feeds seems, this is just something you have to give up for your sanity.

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If you are not okay cutting all ties with social media, minimizing the time you spend on it will help. Replace that time with learning a new hobby or spending time with your friends and family. Doing productive or fulfilling things instead of scrolling through the pages of your socials is one of the most liberating things you can do for yourself!

2. Negative Self Talk

Negative thoughts are nothing but your brain lying to you. There is a saying that, “thoughts are just visitors”. Watch them come but don’t let them stay. Instead of pondering on the things you did wrong, celebrate every little success.

It's true that there are some things in this world which we have no control over. But being positive is more like a choice. If you want to manifest success in your life, you must focus on all the positives.

Nobody has your back as you do. Positive and negative thoughts are not mutually exclusive, and they do not require equal attention. You don’t have to completely disregard the negative, but once you start not paying attention to the negative voice in your head, being motivated becomes a breeze!

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3. Fearing Failure

Success and fear of failure tend to go hand in hand. When you aim to be successful, you are also signing up for the fear of failure. But when you are constantly afraid of your goals, you are setting yourself up for failure even before attempting it.

Instead of being afraid of it, rather embrace it. Even if you end up failing, it only means that you are a human. But that should not stop you from doing what you need to do. See it as a chance to grow, rather than dreading it.

4. Not Setting Goals

Staying motivated is so much easier when you have a goal to look up to. If you know where you're going, you're more likely to stick with it.

If you want to get healthy, it doesn't necessarily have to feel like a strain. Ask yourself what you want to achieve and then act on it. For example, ask yourself how to get motivated to work out at home, and then come up with the things that will help you achieve it. Maybe creating a workout playlist, or working out with your friend will help in this situation.

The answers to these questions will always vary depending on your goals. But if you don’t have a goal to look up to, you will feel unmotivated and lose focus down the road.

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5. Waiting for the right moment

Being motivated is not something that magically happens. People don’t wake up feeling motivated. It's something you strive to achieve through effort. If you are waiting for the right time to do or achieve something- then, sorry to burst your bubble that time might never come.

Successful people don’t wait for the right timing. They go out of their comfort zone and just do what needs to be done. You will have to constantly remind yourself of the goals you have to accomplish and work accordingly.

Final Thoughts

I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say, we all have struggled with a lack of motivation at some point in our lives. What matters the most is how you respond to it. Always be gentle with yourself, try new ways to boost your motivation, and get help if you need it.

To wrap it all up, I hope you found this article on how to get motivated helpful. Thanks for making it to the end!