How to Get Unstuck (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

We've all had the feeling that you're not completely happy and fulfilled with your life. Things aren't going the way you want them to. Every day, you go through the motions, irritated with yourself and the universe for rolling such an unfavorable die. Learning how to get unstuck in this situation can feel impossible.

You can't help but be envious of those who are blessed by karma—the fortunate individuals who seem to have the Midas touch, and everything they try ends up with success, recognition, and more opportunities. Life must be a lot of fun.

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This sensation is known by a variety of names: I've hit a brick wall; I'm not making progress; I'm stagnant; I'm moving in circles; something is wrong in my life.

Or, to put it another way, you're stuck.

In this article, we'll look at why you're feeling this way and how to get unstuck and live a more fulfilling life.

Is Being Stuck Really Such a Negative Experience?

Is it really that bad to be stuck in the past? After all, not everyone has the potential to be a superstar, right? What's wrong with living a simple life, with few turns and twists, and simply going with the flow?

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True, there isn't much fun in this, but neither is there much disappointment, anxiety, stress, or ill-achievement. Life is simple and straightforward.

So why do we keep hearing from the greats that staying in one place is a bad idea?

Tony Robbins responds to this question in an elegantly simple manner:

“You are dying if you are not growing.”

He claims that “progress equals happiness.” “That's because achieving a goal is satisfying, but only for a short time. Life isn't about achieving goals; it's about who you become while pursuing those goals.”

That's right—staying in one place makes us unhappy.

We've all heard that staying in one's comfort zone can be beneficial. It's like wrapping a warm old blanket around yourself on a cold winter night while cuddling in front of your favorite TV show. But, just because something feels comfortable, does that mean you should stick with it indefinitely?

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Remember that progress equals happiness.

You may not even be aware of the small voice in the back of your mind that has been bothering you, but you should learn to listen carefully—because you may wake up one day and realize that your productive life has vanished, and you haven't accomplished many of the goals you set for yourself.

Here are just a few of the reasons why people get stuck in life.

The Most Common Reasons for Being Stuck

There are numerous reasons why you may feel stuck in your life—some of which may be completely beyond your control. The most important thing, however, is to be able to identify the causes and then attempt to take corrective actions in order to learn how to get unstuck.

  • It all starts with awareness, because you can't fix what you don't understand.
  • Here are some of the primary causes of your feelings of being stuck.
  • You don't have a sense of purpose in your life, or you don't know why you're here.

In his famous TED talk, best-selling author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek says that every successful endeavor, whether related to an organization, your career, or your personal life, must begin with defining the “why.” You must be able to articulate to yourself why you do what you do and what motivates you.

It is the thing that gives you meaning and inspires you to get out of bed in the morning and face the world. It is the reason you exist.

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You Appreciate the Status Quo

You might enjoy being in your comfort zone. It feels safe for you, and you know you can live a decent, if not great, life there.

However, as previously stated, the good old blanket will not necessarily make us happy in life. There are only so many TV shows that can be wrapped in it before you get bored.

We humans retain our ancestors' fighting instincts—for hunting, self-preservation, and taking action to improve our lives. Humankind did not create all of the innovations we have today through inaction.

Fear of Failure and Uncertainty

  • According to a Gallup poll of teenagers in the United States, the fear of failure and not succeeding in life was ranked fourth.
  • This feeling was described as “making mistakes that will ruin my life,” “not measuring up,” and “not leaving a mark.”
  • Fear is a powerful paralyzer that can cause a “safe-mode” response, i.e. becoming stuck.

Your Audience

We've all heard the adage “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So, if your in-crowd is similarly stuck as you are, you won't be motivated to make much progress yourself, even if it may be consoling at times.

It's known as the social proof bias: if everyone else is doing (or not doing) something, it's fine for you to do the same.

Others' Comparisons

While comparisons are not always bad, the Social Comparison Theory suggests that they be used with caution.

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Competing against others can make you feel very unsatisfied with yourself. Failing to recognize that your path is not the same as others' and that there are many ways to reach an end-point (goal) can be very discouraging when learning how to get unstuck.


Our temperaments can also contribute to the feeling of being stuck. For example, you may be a more passive, dreamy type of person who prefers observing to action, pensiveness to gregariousness, solitude to venturing out into the world.

That is, you have a slower-burn personality rather than a fiery one, so you take longer to consider all options before taking the plunge.

That's fine, but you should be aware that it could also be the reason you're not progressing as quickly or as far as you'd like towards your goals.

How to Get Out of a Life Rut

The cool thing about your path to learning how to get unstuck is that it adheres to the so-called Principle of Equifinality, which states that the end state can be attained through a variety of means.

There isn't just one thing that can help you get back on track. There are numerous paths you can take to discover what works best for you and your unique story and personality.

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1. Be Present and Willing to Do the Work

Woody Allen famously stated, “80 percent of success is just showing up.” That is, you must start with the right motivation and willingness to take action in order to get unstuck.

You must want to improve your current situation and commit to doing so.

2. Self-Introspection

Spend some time by yourself. You must determine why you are stuck, i.e., what is causing your dissatisfaction. Meditation may also be beneficial in this situation, but the following step is critical:

Packing on some self-awareness and awareness of why you are where you are in life can help you discover a whole new universe of ideas on how to improve things for yourself.

As the saying goes, identifying the problem is half the battle.

3. Work Up a Sweat

There has been a flood of research on the benefits of exercise for both the body and the mind. According to the most recent research, if you want to get your mind in the best possible focus shape, a 15-minute jog works better than 15 minutes of relaxation and meditation. It also clears your mind, increases your attention span, and can make you feel better in general.

4. Discover Your Purpose

As I previously mentioned, the “why” behind your actions is a major motivator for self-improvement. If you connect your goals to something “bigger-than-me,” it will be much easier to persuade yourself to keep going.

According to recent research, we all have a distinct purpose-seeking style, similar to how we write, dance, or speak.

Creative, prosocial, financial, and personal recognition are the four types of “whys.” However, the prosocial approach to meaning, which is based on kindness and compassion toward ourselves and others, is the best in the long run—it has been shown to lead to greater caring, integrity, and personal growth.

Here's How to Find Your Life's Purpose and Become a Better Person.

5. Discover a Passion

It's no secret that if you enjoy something, you'll want to do more of it, and it won't feel like a chore. You will have more internal motivation to keep going despite setbacks, stress, or exhaustion.

Find out what excites you and makes you come alive, and work hard to improve at it. The more progress you make, the more confidence you will have to apply to other areas of your life that are feeling stuck.

Discover How to Find Your Passion and Live a Meaningful Life.

6. Prod Yourself

The Nudge Theory has been around for a while and has produced some amazing results in positively influencing people's behaviors—from making us conserve more energy to improving fine payment rates to making job-seekers more engaged and involved.

Small things, such as daily reminders in the form of micro-goals that you can set on your phone, can have a big impact on getting unstuck.

Nudging can also help overcome some of the personality traits we discussed, such as passivity or procrastination.

7. Seek Out Diverse Experiences

Even if you are in a happy relationship, you may feel stuck—that is, unfulfilled, uninspired, or bored. The same can be said about your professional life.

If you want to learn how to get unstuck, you must feed your brain with a variety of experiences. If you keep doing the same thing, you'll get more or less the same results. Change necessitates taking the less traveled path, experimenting, learning new ways, seeing new places, reading, traveling—the list of requirements for personal growth is truly endless.

According to studies,

“Activities that cause us to feel uncertain, uncomfortable, and even a little guilty are associated with some of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences in people's lives. It appears that happy people engage in a wide range of counterintuitive habits that appear, well, downright unhappy.”

8. Discard Anything That Isn't Beneficial to You

Arianna Huffington said it best:

“You can finish a project by simply dropping it.”

Assessing the things that make you feel stuck is important, but it's also important to recognize that just because it's difficult, if not impossible, to get something you really want doesn't mean you've failed or that you're stuck.

Perhaps it's just not your thing. For example, you might want to pursue a career as a professional golfer. You practice and practice, but you'll never be able to reach Tiger Woods' level. Maybe it's time to take stock of your life and refocus your efforts.

9. Make Wise Comparisons

Comparisons can often make you feel depressed and create a sense of stagnation, which is not always accurate. As you learn how to get unstuck, you must recognize that your rate of progress differs from that of your friends, neighbors, siblings, or even significant other.

Just because you aren't a millionaire by the age of 30, haven't started your own business, or haven't written your third best-seller yet, doesn't mean you aren't progressing.

Consider how you will track your progress. Reality may differ from your perceptions.

10. Seek Assistance

Finally, keep in mind that you don't have to do it all by yourself. If you're feeling stuck in your personal life, talk to a family member or friend about it and come up with a solution together. Perhaps they share your sentiments. Raise your hand at work, speak with your boss, and volunteer to do things that will help you learn and become more valuable. You are not required to have all of the answers right now. Going back to the first point, the most important thing is to be willing to make a change while also focusing on your mental health.

To summarize

The sense of being satisfied or dissatisfied with one's life is highly individual. It is best measured by and depends on our individual histories, personalities, and paths, just like its cousins happiness and success.

For example, you may be content to be in a position where you can assist others, and their gratitude may be enough to motivate you to get out of bed in the morning. However, for others, this situation may create a sense of immobility.

The main takeaway here is to not compare your story to anyone else's because you may end up getting in your own way when learning how to get unstuck.

Progress is wonderful, but don't lose sight of the fact that your life is happening right now.

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