How to Get Your Mind Off Something (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

You may have unwanted thoughts from time to time, such as persistent worries, minor niggles, or recurring concerns that do not go away. The more you try to distract yourself from these thoughts, the more persistent they become. For example, try not to imagine a large pink elephant. The more you concentrate on not thinking about the elephant, the more likely it is that your mind will focus on that image. This is due to the mind's inability to focus on “not doing” something.

The best way to free your mind from unwanted or unwelcome thoughts is to engage it with other thoughts or to remove or resolve the source of your thoughts. Here are 31 ways to immediately free your mind:

1. Forgiveness

Forgiving someone else (or yourself) can help you move on from the past and let go of negative emotions and thoughts.

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  • Here are some pointers to get you started:
  • How to Forgive and Have a Happy Life Once More (A Step-By-Step Guide)
  • How to Forgive Yourself and Move On With Joy

2. Pray and meditate

Meditation has been used to clear and free the mind for thousands of years. This does not have to entail lighting candles and sitting in the lotus position; it can simply entail sitting comfortably and allowing thoughts to enter and pass through your mind without engaging in them. Doing this for as little as ten minutes can be enough to clear your mind of bothersome or persistent thoughts.

You can also read this beginner's guide to meditation: How Do You Meditate? 8 Meditation Techniques for Absolute Newbies

3. Workout

Exercising focuses the body on its physical needs and diverts your attention away from your thoughts. Exercise also increases endorphins and decreases cortisol, resulting in a more positive and happier mood.

4. Forget the Past

Allowing yourself to let go of the past allows you to focus on the here and now, as well as choose more empowering thoughts.

Learn to let go of things you can't change: How to Let Go of What You Can't Control

5. Be Conscious

Being mindful is the practice of focusing one's mind on everyday actions that one might otherwise perform on autopilot. Mindfulness trains the mind to focus on the task at hand rather than on thoughts and feelings that you would rather not have.

6. Put EFT into action

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a technique that can be learned quickly (in minutes) and can help you feel better right away. EFT is also known as “tapping.” EFT entails verbally expressing the problem or issue at hand while using an affirmation phrase and tapping energy points on the body.

7. Give Up Feeling Guilty

Guilt is an emotion that, if left unchecked, can spiral out of control, leaving you feeling trapped and powerless. Practice noticing when you feel guilty and figuring out how to let go of those feelings: How to Get Rid of Guilt and Free Your Mind

8. Laugh and smile

According to research, even if you don't feel like smiling or laughing, you will feel better for doing so! When you smile, your brain registers the movements of the muscles in your face and releases hormones and chemicals that make you feel good. Because your emotions have improved, it will be easier to change your way of thinking.

9. See a Comedy Film

It's a great way to get away from reality by watching a funny movie! Taking a break to immerse yourself in another world through a film is often enough to break the cycle of over-thinking.

10. Put an end to people-pleasing and approval-seeking behavior

Many people are people-pleasers or approval junkies, but these behaviors eventually leave you feeling trapped, as if you are living your life for others.

Take note of when you engage in these behaviors and begin practicing living life for yourself: How to Stop Worrying About What Others Think and Concentrate on Your Own Needs

11. Simply Do It!

Do something that scares you or that you've been putting off today. The adrenaline produced by your body will bring your mind into sharp focus.

12. Clear Out Your Physical Possessions

A clutter-free environment can assist you in achieving a more relaxed state of mind. Without the distraction of clutter around you, your mind is free to focus on more positive thoughts.

Check out this decluttering guide: How to Declutter and Reduce Stress in Your Life (The Ultimate Guide)

13. Create a mental image of yourself as the person you want to be

Consider someone you admire and imagine how they would handle your current thoughts. Then imagine yourself acting in the same manner.

14. Decide to Let Go of Toxic Relationships and Nurture Positive Connections

Negative thoughts and stressful states can result from unhealthy relationships. Positive relationships will enrich your life and fill your mind with more positive thoughts and memories.

15. Do One Thing Every Day to Progress Toward a Goal

The first step is the most important. Identify your goal and the necessary changes, and then make the decision to take that first step: you'll soon be on your way to realizing your dreams rather than just fantasizing about them.

16. Experiment with hypnosis

Hypnosis is a well-established therapy that allows your subconscious thoughts to influence your conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings. Hypnotherapy can help you improve and resolve problems in your life, as well as free your mind of worries and concerns.

17. Take note of any hobbies or activities that you enjoy so much that you lose track of time

Do these more frequently! Participating in a hobby that you enjoy promotes a more mindful and meditative state of mind. This state allows the mind to relax and mindfully focus on the task at hand, replacing any other thoughts that may be present.

18. Release Regrets

To let go of regrets, you could write a letter to yourself or make a list, which you could then burn or throw into a stream as a ritual.

19. Embrace Self-Love

Respect yourself and your decisions, and let go of self-criticism and judgment: 30 Ways to Love Yourself and Be Kind to Yourself

20. Get up and dance!

Move your body and let go of your perception of how you appear! This is certain to improve your mood and clear your mind.

21. Spend Time Alone

Get used to being alone and enjoy just “being” without the need for constant company, entertainment, or being busy for the sake of being busy.

22. Experiment with something new

Try something new, whether it's a new hobby or a new meal. Change things up and step outside of your comfort zone.


Allow yourself time to daydream on a regular basis. This is fantastic for the soul!

23. Labels must be abandoned.

Recognize when you are defining yourself through external labels and let them go.

24. Develop a Less Attached Attitude

What are you clinging to? There is nothing wrong with enjoying things in life, but when you become attached to them, you rely on something outside of yourself to make you happy, which traps the mind.

25. Let Go of Your Guilt

Guilt is a powerful emotion that can be overwhelming and all-encompassing. Consider addressing what you feel guilty about and determining how you can either resolve the issues you feel guilty about or be more compassionate to yourself.

26. Make Gratitude a Habit

Being grateful allows you to live in the present moment and appreciate the blessings that are right in front of you. Here are 32 Things to Be Thankful For.

27. Read Insightful Stories

Reading about people and events that inspire you can help you put your thoughts into context.

28. Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people

When you spend time with positive and like-minded people, you spend less time overthinking or analyzing yourself and more time in the moment.

More information can be found at: The Hidden Power of Every Single Person Around You.

29. Make a Promise to Continue Learning

Learning allows you to broaden your mind, which can lead to a more enlightened and informed point of view.

Here's How to Make Continuous Learning a Habit for a Better You.

30. Make Use of Positive Affirmations

By the way you think and speak, you are constantly affirming. “Things never go my way,” for example, is a negative affirmation. You could replace such a thought with a positive affirmation, such as “everything is going swimmingly.”

Using positive affirmations can help you make better decisions and see things in a different and more positive light.

Try these 10 Life-Changing Positive Affirmations for Success.

31. Experiment with Putting Yourself in Other People's Shoes

Reading, listening to, and discussing opposing viewpoints can broaden your horizons and help you see the world through new eyes. This can be especially liberating if you're stuck thinking about certain things in a certain way.

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