How to Level Up (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

I know you're interested in hacking your life if you're reading this, but what exactly does that entail?

Every month or so, I get together in Managua with a group of like-minded businesspeople to discuss our latest projects, triumphs, failures, and sticky situations. The hours I spend with them are some of the most enjoyable parts of my month. When you get a group of go-getters together, the theme of leveling up and achieving/striving/trying will infiltrate.

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Our most recent meeting, on the other hand, was unique.

I've noticed a shift in the attitudes of my go-getter friends. We all want to accomplish great things and live extraordinary lives, but we're also exhausted. We were no longer discussing projects or business models. Instead, we talk about working ourselves to exhaustion without making a significant difference.

I kept hearing the words “freedom,” “family,” and “time” over and over. In essence, we all want to advance and have more freedom, family, and time.

How can we program our lives to give us more of these things: freedom, family, and time?

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1. Look for the “Hell yes!”

Every day, we make a lot of decisions, but only a few of them make us want to jump up and down with joy. What if we applied that logic to our decisions?

  • A fascinating new client? Yes, absolutely!
  • A pointless meeting? No, thank you
  • Dinner with illustrious colleagues? Yes, absolutely!
  • Mind-numbing chores? No, thank you

Seeking the “hell yes!” in every decision adds serious energy to every moment.

Noticing how I feel about each new opportunity and task allows me to navigate my decisions and stay true to what makes me feel awesome.

2. Increase your good deeds

Every day, I know what I should be doing to improve my life. I enjoy writing when no one else is around, no phones are ringing, and emails are blocked. If I want to do more of that on a daily basis, I can schedule it and stick to a writing schedule that feels good to me.

Doing more good will feel like you're adding more layers of awesome to your life.

What activities would you prioritize if you had the option? What can you do to make that happen?

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3. Reduce the amount of bad you do

Similarly to what I described above, there are activities in which I aspire to participate much less. Personally, the administration aspect of my startup drains me and makes me nervous (even when we're doing well). I'll always have to supervise that activity, but I've learned to reduce my involvement by delegating taxing tasks.

Doing less of the bad things in your life will feel like you're avoiding a slew of traps!

What aspects of your life would you dump if you could? Can you take some baby steps toward that goal tomorrow or the next day?

4. Split your life in half

Every action and activity in our lives falls on one of two sides of a line. I use the line to divide my life into two sections: those that feel liberating and those that feel limiting.

  • Do you want to work from home? Liberating
  • Taking on a picky client due to financial constraints? Limiting
  • Getting up early to write in peace? Liberating
  • Why am I lifting weights at the gym when I'd rather be running? Limiting
  • Keeping more of my day on the “liberating” side allows me to feel free and joyful

What aspects of your life do you find liberating? What do you consider to be a limitation? You can judo chop your decisions using that personal information.

5. Concentrate on the procedure

I'm not going to tell you a lie. I'm undecided about setting goals and striving for better in my life. Setting goals definitely helps me find my way, but I sometimes worry way too much about the end result. I've recently tried to counteract that stress by focusing more on the actual process of accomplishing anything. When I'm running, it's easy for me to daydream about the beach body I want — but why not concentrate on the running itself?

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By focusing on the process, I release the pressure to achieve something and have a lot more fun with what is happening in the present moment.

Finally, improving our lives and living every day as if it were a vacation is a long journey of self-development — but it is incredibly rewarding.

What comes to mind when you think of advancing in your life? How are you going to get there?

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