How to Stop Lying to Yourself (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Getting caught up in your own lies can diminish your sense of self-worth, distort your perception of reality, and harm your close relationships. Here are ten ways to stop lying to yourself and become a better, more honest version of yourself.

1. Stop taking constructive criticism personally

There is a distinction to be made between an overly critical bully and an honest and helpful friend. If someone you consider a friend offers you some candid, somewhat critical advice, don't dismiss it so quickly. When confronted with ideas that challenge our beliefs, we tend to become defensive and emotional about the issues we are most unsure about.

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2. Stop attempting to persuade everyone that you are correct

Some people can be persuaded to change their minds on certain issues from time to time. But if you believe something strongly that someone else strongly disagrees with, you will never be able to persuade them to change their minds. Maybe if you talk about it long enough and provide enough research to back up your claims, he or she will agree with you. But they're probably thinking to themselves that it's not true, and they're resentful of you for not allowing them to express themselves.

3. Recognize that the enjoyment is in the effort

ace it: Only a few people get to say they are “the best” at something and truly mean it—perhaps Olympic athletes, classically-trained musicians, or chefs at three-star Michelin restaurants. However, most of the time, someone will be better than you at any task you attempt to complete. But that doesn't make it any less worthwhile. Even if you are not the world's best pianist or the most knowledgeable wine connoisseur in your town, there is still enjoyment to be had in those activities. And if everything is only worth doing if you're the best, why would you ever try something new?

4. Take risks

Everyone experiences fear from time to time, and this is not a bad thing. Fear prevents us from doing stupid things or getting into situations that could harm or kill us, and it has played an important role in our evolution as a species. However, when we create fear in order to avoid unpleasant situations, it can do more harm than good. Take a deep breath the next time you start to worry about something and decide whether it's worth getting worked up about.

5. Stop putting off tasks until tomorrow

Really? What will be different? And how so? If you don't set concrete goals for yourself and narrow down exactly what needs to change and how, tomorrow will be the same as today. Don't allow yourself to revert to old habits instead of striving for the change you want to embody.

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6. Stop second-guessing yourself

Age is only as old as you make it. Is it really too late to make new friends or start a new hobby? Chances are, you aren't, and you would be happier if you tried. Don't start telling yourself you're too old to try new things; if you live another decade or more, that's more than a decade of telling yourself you're too old to do them.

7. Consider the perspectives of others

It is simple to develop a selective understanding of reality, allowing you to believe only what you already suspect to be true. Before you get angry at someone for doing something you would never do, take a moment to consider their reasoning. You can even inquire about their side of the story. Most likely, they had a valid reason that you simply overlooked.

8. Recognize when you've taken on too much responsibility

When it comes to happiness, knowing when to say no is a valuable skill. Some of us are driven to bite off more than we can chew, whether it's at work or organizing an event for a school fundraiser on your own. Before accepting a task, consider whether you have the time or energy to complete it, and if you don't, don't be afraid to say no. You're unlikely to hurt anyone's feelings by saying no every now and then.

9. Never give up

We can be a little too quick to admit defeat at times. Consider your options before giving up. There could be another option.

10. Don't dismiss your emotions

If you have to convince yourself that you don't care, chances are you do. Instead of turning your back on a friend or loved one, admit your pain. While you may not be able to change their minds, you may be able to find an unexpected compromise.

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