How to Stop Overanalyzing (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Thinking is generally beneficial, and while some people do not think enough, others overthink everything. Both genders can fall into either category, but today we'll focus on the one who does too much.

Some people will think themselves into a state of stagnation, frustration, exhaustion, anxiety, and even illness.

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They have a talent for turning the simple into the complex, the easy into the difficult, the minor issue into a major drama, and the pain-free into pain-full.

They are skilled at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, as well as squandering their time and talent through the age-old practice of over-analyzing everything and everyone; analysis paralysis.

They are experts at misinterpreting what others say, and if there is a way to hurt their feelings, they will find it. Even go out of your way to find it.

Not only do they have a history of almost doing things, but they are frequently obsessive, compulsive, and have perfectionistic tendencies.

They are overly concerned. Almost everything is covered. They are people-pleasers who want to change (be different), but the process of change scares them. They don't need others to sabotage their dreams or goals; they can do it on their own.

They are masters of self-sabotage, and if anyone is going to get in their way, it's them. They are known as the Over-Thinker.

So, if you identify with any of the above, you are most likely somewhere in the cerebral landscape between casual Over-Thinker and chronic Over-Thinker. Here are some suggestions to help you deal with your Over-Thinking-Ness (a word). (Now).

1. Stop waiting for perfection (perfect timing, perfect circumstances) before doing what you should have done a long time ago. Being ambitious is admirable, but striving for perfection is unrealistic, impractical, and crippling. Aim for continuous improvement and work consciously and methodically to bring about positive change where it is most needed.

2. Don't make assumptions. Act on facts rather than hunches.

3. Be more proactive; get things done! Get out of the classroom and into the real world. Now! Every day, do at least one thing that will bring you closer to your goal. Even if it makes you nervous. Especially if it frightens you. To borrow a book title from someone else, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.” Don't let fear take over your potential or your life (into the ground).

4. Pose the right questions to yourself; questions that will put you (mentally) in a positive, practical, productive, and solution-focused frame of mind. Recognize the issue, but focus on the solution. Find the good on purpose.

5. Have a sounding board (coach, friend, mentor, relative) who can give you relevant, meaningful, specific, unemotional feedback – you can't be objective about yourself. Make certain that it is someone who will tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear.

6. Create a plan and fully commit to it in order to consistently and consciously progress from mediocre to amazing. Don't give yourself a way out. Recognize and commit to your non-negotiable behaviors.

7. Stop justifying, justifying, and explaining what you aren't doing. Try honesty; it's very effective. It's also liberating.

8. Keep a Success Journal (wanky name but great concept). Journaling your thoughts, decisions, behaviors, and outcomes is an excellent way to maintain perspective, stay focused and motivated, and de-emotionalise the change process. It's also a good way to figure out what works – for you.

9. Get out of your head. Eckhart Tolle discusses the importance of finding that very quiet, relaxing, and beautiful space beyond our thoughts. The home of peace, calm, joy, and freedom. This is something that needs to be worked on, but with time and practice, you'll be able to do it almost anywhere and at any time. We don't realize how difficult it is to stop thinking until we try.

The irony is that moving beyond our thoughts requires letting go rather than trying. Of the upheaval. The mind can be an exhausting place, and we sometimes need to take a break from it. If you're having trouble grasping this concept, start by immersing yourself in some of your favorite music. Step away from the cerebral and into the creative by stepping out of your mind and into the music. The spiritual aspect.

If you want to learn more about this concept, read Eckhart Tolle's book The Power of Now. It's a bit heavy going (and possibly strange depending on where you're at), but it's well worth it if you can persevere and thoughtfully digest his words.

10. With all the thoughts racing through your mind, some should be evicted, while others are stuck and too afraid to come out. Consider your brain's thoughts to be one large apartment building. Let's take a look at Level 2 of your Apartment Building… As you walk down the corridor, you hear the ol' crazy woman behind Apt 22 say to you, “you should have done it this way stupid…”

Further down, there's the chatterbox in Apt 28 who always has her door open and jumps out to distract you just as you're about to leave. Mr Gotnothingbettertodo stands at the end of the corridor and always stops you dead in your tracks, saying, “If you only saw how silly you looked, you'd never do that again!”

These troublesome tenants are those thoughts that interfere with your driving forces and freeze you with guilt, anxiety, and reasons to stay still. These tenants are easy to spot because they haven't paid rent in years, they're up to no good, and they're causing problems for all the other (good) tenants. These tenants must be evicted as soon as possible!

Begin right now – choose the most bothersome tenant you know isn't doing you any favors and hand deliver your notice RIGHT NOW! Get in that elevator, press the button to the floor you know you keep avoiding, and march confidently to their door to hand deliver that notice.

If they refuse to cooperate, grab their ankles and toss them out. These tenants have been here a long time and know how to persuade you – don't give in! Remember that you have other fantastic tenants who will be right by your side to support you during this mass evacuation.

This will free up space for new, inspiring tenants. Make this Apartment Block your own – bring it back to life, organize activities for your community, install groovy carpet, plant leafy plants, install a bar upstairs with 24/7 feel good music (next to the brain spa and indoor pool) – even renovate an entire level and turn it into a brain haven where your tenants can relax and recuperate. It's your apartment complex; the possibilities are limitless!

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