How to Tell if Someone Is an Attention Seeker (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Respect is earned rather than requested. However, we all have insecurities, and some people deal with them by seeking attention and consuming a portion of their time and energy. Furthermore, claiming to be on a higher moral ground and deserving of your attention when they are not could be deceptive.

1. They are always blowing their trumpets

There is nothing wrong with making everyone aware of your accomplishments and achievements because it can boost your self-esteem; however, if this is overemphasized or exaggerated by someone you know, you should be cautious and stick to your own business rather than getting entangled in theirs.

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2. They are always looking for a compliment

They are aware that they are beautiful, brilliant, and elegant. But if they are constantly seeking reaffirmation or reassurance of who they are, it simply means they want your attention rather than your respect.

3. They make everyone else's problems their own

Their problems are insufficient for them to deal with. They want everyone to be a part of it and share it with them. Don't be surprised if they purposefully broadcast their problems and issues to anyone who will listen – in the subway, to the cab driver, and on social media. And if you're not interested in listening, that's a problem as well.

4. They are always the victim

They are never incorrect. They are always the victim and have been wronged. Yes, it will all be a ruse to gain sympathy and acknowledgement, which they desperately need.

5. They complain about everyone and everything

Nothing, and perhaps no one, is good enough for them. They are pessimistic. They complain about everyone who is supposed to be on their side or stand up for them. The truth is that such people are drama kings and queens who use such complaints to entice people to come to them.

6. They are constantly active on social media

They always post pictures and spin stories on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in order to get a lot of likes and comments. Someone who requires respect will only share their good moments at specific times, as opposed to attention seekers who are overly active on social media.

7. They are in social gatherings

they want to be the center of attention, even among their friends and any new acquaintances they meet. And if the party is going well and no one is noticing them, they will do something out of character to ensure that the spotlight is on them.

8. They are expert storytellers

They are excellent storytellers, regardless of whether they use pictures or words. This may imply that they exaggerate certain facts or tell lies in order to make the story more exciting and attention-grabbing.

9. They cause a lot of trouble

Instead of settling for peace, they will start a war. They are troublemakers who will use any means at their disposal to create havoc. Even if they are supposed to offer praise and admiration to something noteworthy, they will do so with sarcasm.

10. They live a glamorous life

Their lives are never boring because they portray them as fab and glamorous. If you ask them what they are doing or where they are, they will tell you they are in a Lamborghini or have a meeting with Beyonce's manager. They do not provide straightforward answers to questions. Rather, they will elaborate and make it appear as if they are living the life of a king or queen, making you feel as if you are even lucky to be their acquaintance.

If you have someone in your life who is constantly using the aforementioned ploys to attract you to them, you should be cautious of such a person because, in the end, they may drain your time and energy that could be allocated to more productive pursuits.

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