How to Vent Anger (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Life is full of ups and downs for everyone. How do you deal with setbacks? Do you avoid them by numbing yourself? Or do you discover the hidden gift within them?

Each time a painful emotion is felt, it provides an opportunity.Pain gives us the gift of growth in a hidden package.Something is calling out for a change.If we pause and open this gift, a great secret of freedom and love can be revealed. My greatest sorrows have aided in the opening of the greatest opportunities in my life. Hey, it's worth a shot, right?

Finding a healthy way to vent can even help to relieve anxiety, which is something that many of us are experiencing these days. Those who do not find a healthy outlet often stuff it inside until they explode one day or develop a habit of numbing themselves, such as eating. Stress, which is known to cause a variety of ailments and “dis-eases” in our bodies, can be effectively relieved through venting.

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Before true clarity on why something is happening can be achieved, it is best to release the strong energy that arises from the situation's frustration. Once that energy has been expressed, you can rest in the stillness while remaining connected to the power of emotion in order to achieve the highest levels of clarity. It is here that our insight reaches a natural peak. Our greatest growth can occur as a result of the power of our openness after suffering. We can let go of the ties that bind us to these situations and grow beyond them.

Here are some ways to express your frustrations, sadness, and anger that are a natural part of growing up and living a healthy life: Cry. Crying works beautifully when you are deeply sad.When we cry, we often want a shoulder to cry on.If none is available, cry to yourself and receive it with love.In either case, allowing yourself the space to cry can work wonders on freeing up the stored up energy inside that is too much to contain within.While crying, connect with the pain you feel and cry into it.
Punch. If you are extremely angry, you may feel compelled to strike something. Punching a pillow is a very healthy way to expend this powerful energy. Hit the pillow as if it were the person/thing you're upset with. If yelling and cursing at it helps to relieve tension, do so. Cuss words are excellent for releasing pent-up energy and getting to the heart of your emotions. As you hit, smash into your frustration and feel which aspects of it are causing you to be angry.

Write. Writing can help you sort through the information overload in your head. It allows for an outpouring of what is going on inside. Even after you've written everything you can, some things will still stand out or certain feelings will be strongly felt. These are the most important lessons to be drawn from the situation. Writing provides a level of clarity that other methods do not. Once the emotion has passed, you can easily reflect on what you were feeling in the situation to keep the lesson fresh in your mind and heart. Some people enjoy tearing up the pages after they've written to express their annoyance. Molly Cook suggests writing down your emotions and negative energy for your own eyes only as a private way to vent. Asshat! is one of the online communities recommended by Laurel Sutton. They provide a platform for transforming your annoyance into an amusing rant and, if desired, anonymous feedback.

Exercise. Some of your most difficult days may turn out to be your best days at the gym. As Jen Olewinskiso so eloquently states, “Plus, getting in shape can't be that bad, right?” ”Running, boxing, and walking are all great ways to vent. Many spiritual people find their way into their deepest connections by opening the door to regular exercise. Exercising energy in this way, with a regular commitment to their health, opens them up like nothing else.

Talk. One woman told me about a nurse who took the bus every day. She was able to maintain her youthful appearance by letting go of anger quickly. She didn't aim it at her family or anyone else. Instead, she boarded the bus and sat next to a passenger. She'd ask if they didn't mind listening to her, and if they didn't, she'd explain her predicament. She'd thank them and exit the bus once she'd worked it out. We can often learn a lot just by hearing ourselves speak, and we don't need much feedback at all. Even better if you have a trusted confidant or teacher.
Make art. What better way to spend this energy than to create something beautiful? Pablo Solomon is an artist who releases his tension by banging a hung of stone with a hammer and chisel. He turned the frustration of 9/11 into one of his most productive periods.
So, how do you get your feelings out? Please spread the word. You might be able to assist someone else who is interested in what you do…

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