I Don’t Know How to Be Myself (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Most people project confidence when, in reality, they want things they can't have and feel bad about it. I see them talking about ignorance everywhere I go, not realizing that their projections and insecurities are manifested in what they say and how they act. They are clones, automatons, and they do the exact opposite of what I am about to tell you to do below, wading through life without ever knowing how to be themselves.

1. Discover your passion

My younger brother lacks passion, but he does have interests. He enjoys food, women, and alcohol. Unfortunately, he does not wish to work in these fields. Perhaps most importantly, he enjoys daydreaming. I'm trying to persuade him to become a philosopher, hoping that his penchant for deep thought will help him make money. In the meantime, he'll finish college.

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2. Be unafraid

Fears are a source of weakness. To be yourself, confront all fears in your life and face them head on. Even if you fail, you should learn from your mistakes so that you can succeed the next time.

3. Be gentle with yourself

Lessen your judgment and more fully appreciate what you do and have done. Everyone has different talents and can contribute to leaving the world a better place than they found it, which is the true goal of life. Even if all you do to improve the world is smile at strangers, that is worth a lot more than what some people offer.

4. Be willing to fail

Fail faster in order to succeed later. It may take five years rather than ten, but if you stick with your failures and appreciate them while learning from your suffering, you will discover that the core of who you are is stronger than ever.

5. Have a fantasy

Goals and dreams are very similar. If you want to accomplish something, you can set goals to get there. If you don't dream, you'll live an ordinary life, indistinguishable from the masses.

(((Instant Book Preview of I don't know how to express myself sometimes when I need to be properly different. Fuck!)))

6. read

Some people believe that reading isn't as important as watching Netflix. They are unaware that for the past five thousand years, the brightest and best minds, as well as the most interesting experiences central to human experience, have been recorded in writing. Spend some time alone with a book to learn more about yourself and tap into the richness of literature.

7. Surround yourself with like-minded people

Too many people I know are content to stoop low and pick up dirt on those they consider to be “friends.” True friends are devoted to you and share your interests. They are willing to do more than gossip and complain. Perhaps most importantly, good people are willing to make you feel good about yourself without bragging about how wonderful they are. They will like you not because you are like them, but because you know how to be yourself.

8. Opt for the opposite of what everyone else is doing

The majority of people seek the comfort of a group. However, most of the time, this does not teach you how to be yourself, but rather how to conform. Instead, consider what is important to you and act on it, regardless of whether others agree.

9. Consider your clan

What do you think your family would think? Those who raised you or were there for you during difficult times are good people to turn to when you are in trouble because they are genetically close to you. The values that your family upholds can be transferred to your own, especially when it comes to major issues that you don't know how to address.

10. Travel

Seeing how other people live can help you appreciate what you have and what makes you unique. Furthermore, on any trip, you will face difficulties such as communicating and getting to your destination on time. Traveling alone can force you to discover aspects of yourself that you were previously unaware of.

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