I Don’t Like Parties Is This Normal (The Ultimate Guide + Image Quotes)

Why is it that going to parties is almost considered a must-do activity if you want to have a good time? If you are bothered by this question, you will understand what truly constitutes a good night out — parties not included. There are numerous things you can do to have fun. One of them does not have to be standing around trying to talk and socialize while holding the inevitable drink in one hand.

When you tell people you don't like parties and that they can be exhausting and even stressful, they look at you strangely. In their minds, they only see people laughing, music, dancing, making new friends, staying up until the wee hours of the morning, and generally having a great time. If they only knew what you'd have to go through to avoid them at all costs.

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Here are ten things you can understand and relate to if you don't like to party.

1. You are not a recluse or hermit

You have your own set of friends and aren't particularly interested in making new ones. You also enjoy going to the movies with your friends or dining out at the newest ethnic restaurant. You are not a loner because you understand the value of spending time with close friends.

2. You have other plans for a good time

You don't want to explain (and why should you?) that there are other ways to have fun. They haven't heard of books, movies, gardening, yoga, or swimming, have they? You may be wondering which commandment states, “Thou shalt have a good time only at parties.”

3. You want to unwind

Parties are exhausting, so forget about unwinding. This is usually what happens when you are dragged kicking and screaming to a party: you see your friends and maybe chat with them. There's nothing new there. Then, perhaps, you'd like to be a little more daring and socialize more broadly. As a result, you must devise opening lines, come up with interesting topics, and identify areas of common interest. Then there's the music, the chaos, the long periods of standing, trying to get another drink, and finding a chair to sit on. This is exhausting, and you regret accepting the invitation.

4. You enjoy beauty sleep

It's wonderful to be able to go to bed and sleep soundly. There will be no late nights or frantic searches for taxis, which are as scarce as hen's teeth at this point. Nothing beats having your own nightcap, a warm bed, and not having to worry about how many hours of sleep you'll get. Absolute bliss!

5. You dislike drinking

Why does everyone frown when you say you don't drink? Is there a magical ingredient in alcohol that transforms you into a social and fun-loving animal? The satisfaction of not having a hangover the next day is indescribable. It was more than enough once!

6. You have the impression that you are taking a test

Parties are similar to a social skills test. But isn't this supposed to be about having a good time? No way, no how. You must now continue the conversation, and then devise an exit strategy. You wonder why you have the impression that your social skills are being evaluated. You start to feel like an alien because you've only clicked with one person out of the last ten people you've met.

7. You despise having to travel

You daydream about sitting around the dinner table with some close friends and having a relaxed conversation. There is no such thing at parties because you must circulate. The issue here is that it is extremely difficult to find even one interesting person to talk to. It appears that you must keep mixing and circulating, and you may never find that person. You'd have a better shot at winning the lottery.

8. You find parties to be rowdy and loud

As the lives and souls of the party get going, the noise level is usually unbearable. People get drunker, rowdier, and noisier as Miley Cyrus gets louder. This is another reason you despise parties. You had to be insane to accept this time. The next time you'll be at home, you'll be watching the end of a really good movie and possibly discussing it with some friends.

9. You find that quieter parties are too intense for you

You know the ones, the smaller gatherings where people are eager to discuss politics, philosophy, and the grander issues of life. They form small groups and it is impossible to escape. But you already have your own thoughts on these topics and aren't up for giving a TED talk late at night. These parties can become very heated, with argumentative people becoming enraged. You'd like to curl up in bed, but you've already been suffocated.

10. You're sick of being labeled as an introvert or an extrovert

You're sick of having to explain that most people are neither completely introverted nor completely extroverted. It's like a spectrum, and you happen to be at the quieter end of the spectrum. Because everyone is wired differently, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Furthermore, you are not willing to attend parties because you believe you should or because there is too much peer pressure.

Let us know in the comments how you avoid parties while still having a good time!

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